"-- the corrupt police force"

“The police have always been that way” Renato replied, “why now?”

“Things are worse” Danrelle explained, “The chief of police has been elected mayor”

Renato snorted in reply, “then the people have bought this on themselves, everybody knows Alynn by reputation if they offer him such power what can they expect.”

He sat and poured himself a glass of thick brown liquid without offering a glass to Danrelle, he start staring into its swirling depths, Danrelle felt as though she was dismissed from his presence from the depressing silence that hung in the air. She shuffled closer to him and he fixed her with a powerful gaze.

 “Meg herd something” she started.


 “the cleaning girl, you remember Meg?”

Renato nodded.

 “There was a plot, Alynn said he was going to

The End

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