"-- as I have loved no other, Nora."

"Well, that's unfortunate," she said, cocking her hip and leaning against the door frame, "because I'm here to tell you I just got engaged."

The young man stared, letting the candle he had been holding in his hand fall to the floor with a loud crash. It echoed through the woods, causing some birds to fly off a few meters away.


"Joshua," she replied, a smirk lifting the corners of her mouth. "We're having our ceremony next week."

"Are you insane, Nora? We're in hiding! We're trying to stay low!'

"Calm down." She shrugged. "Josh promised me he'd keep it all under control."

"He knows?" The man's voice elevated into a panicky falsetto. "We're sitting on twenty pounds of cocaine in a deserted swamp! Why would you tell the mayor of this godforsaken hellhole we're being tracked by the feds?"

"God, you'll have the entire forest knowing about it shortly," Nora said, scowling.

She ran her hand through her hair, smudging the sweat around her hairline. The humidity made her shirt stick to her body and the young man tried not to look, but failed.

"It's not really our fault, remember?" she said, shrugging again. "We got into this mess because of--"

The End

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