Ass Burgers? What the Heck!?

These are 10 things that are all part of my very kooky, random and sometimes uncontrollable personality.

1) I have Aspergers Syndrome.

2) I find it a little difficult to make friends at first, but when I do I like giving them big cuddles.

3)I love Doctor Who. Not as much as I did, but I LOVE IT!

4) Forget chocolate after a break-up, give me Mash Potato any time!

5) Writing, Singing and Acting is my life. I don't care whether I'm good at it or not, I do it because it makes me feel great.

6) I hate racism, homophobia any isms you can think of basically. Except atheism and agnosticism, I don't mind them. I'm a christian, but I'm not a scary one who says "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOR NOT BELIEVING WHAT I BELIEVE!!!" I don't like christians who do that, because they're being hypocrites.

7) My biggest ambition is either to sing on the West End Stage, act in a play in London, or have one of my books be a bestseller, or have one of my scripts acted out by ANYONE.

8) I love loving people. Loving is addicitve. But like drugs, it can also be harmful to one's soul, particuarly if you leave your love lying around for anyone to pick up. Then they might break it.

9) Laughter is the melody borne from the orchestra of happiness. I believe that if you don't laugh at least 10 times a day then your orchestra of happiness needs tuning up with friendship or love, or even just a cuddle. (did I mention I was cheesy?)

10) Without a good old daily hug and chat with your mates your orchestra of happiness will fall into disrepair and you'll have to let the orchestra of sadness play instead. Friendship should make the world go round, but unfortunately you can't pay people with friendship or love.

And those weird statements have all come from my surreal little head! I'm going to go away and listen to my orchestra or happiness now! :-)

The End

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