10 things that make me me

1. i may be short but what i lack in size i make up for in sarcarm. its meant to be the lowest form of wit yet it makes the most people smile

2. this isnt really bragging- its just part of me. i can be a good friend but hurt me once and you will never get the chance to do it again. i can hold a grudge for decades. a girl upset me and nine years later we are still enemies.

3. i love to sing, i may not be good at it, but that doesn't me. sometimes other people join in and even though it sounds bad it feels fun.

4. im pretty smart or i was til i took higher chemistry.

5.my body is actually pretty good but i prefer my mind. it might be messed up but it's me.

6.i love my religion- agnostic- we are a confused people. we can't force our opinions on others because we don't really know what we believe.

7.i find it hard to let people in but the people that i love are the most amazingly messed up yet wonderful people i've ever met.

8. my hair is purplish red- dyed but it's still me.

9. i make an amazing pasta in cheese sauce.

10. i have a new found appreciation for the stupid island that i've been stuck on for the last sixteen years as im leaving it in eight months. why do we only appreciate something when we are losing it?

The End

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