Not bragging, just being optimistic

1. I love cherries. Yes, it is braggable. I am very proud of it. Therefore, it makes it braggable.

2. I have past grade 5 piano with distinction, that was my first ever exam taken. I am going to skip grade 6 and do grade 7 in the summer!

3. i have passed grade 5 theory with merit.

4. I have recently found a recipe for brownies. So far, i've only made it once. but I fell in love with the pastry immediately. Or is that just the cocoa powder?

5. Me and my friend beat mathmaticians from the year above us, and we weren't suposed to! hahaha.

6. I keep a diary. I don't like keeping a diary. I feel it is much more useful to write on protagonize than to keep a diary. But, I have managed to keep one anyway. I am very sure my future self will want to read about me and the things i get up to.

7. I sing well in the car. Only in the car though.

8. I can make a darn good presentation.

9. Lastly, I brag that I am not making 10 brags that everyone else is. Ha. I am only bragging about 9 things. Or is that 8?

Cherries to all!

The End

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