ten very braggish things (no im not big headed at all...)

1. i came second in a classical greek reading competition though i did next to nothing to prepare

2. i was in the same room as david tennant (ahhhh be still my beating heart!) for three hours. ok, so it was hamlet and he didnt actually notice/talk to me on account of all the acting, but it was great. also not long enough :P

3. at one of my friends' parties she said she hadn't put the macarena on her playlist so i was naturally shocked and did the moves to another song, eventually getting everyone to join in (oh and i was in fancy dress, fun :D)

4. i founded the meekat club at my school (dedicated to a music teacher whom we all lurrve even though he looks like a meerkat)

5. i like to think because i have younger friends i am very cool and that young people see me as the fount of wisdom (they will deny this but you can see it in their eyes)

6. just for a laugh once i told a story, which turned into a trilogy, which turned into a saga, and is now being made into a film (like not by any big company, more of a 'i nicked my parents' camcorder' thing but still)

7. i played the lead in my church choir's musical This Man Called Jesus when i was thirteen (that was fun and a half)

8. i own a pair of harry potter glasses (as in the actual ones they sell in the costumes. yes. im that cool.)

9. my friends look to me as a film guru of sorts because i own nearly all the latest dvds and always organise cinema trips

10. i feel just a tad big headed now but hey- i think i was already here :D

cheers for listening!

The End

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