I'm pretty weird

1. I can make the most delicious ham tacos. My friends love it, except my parents...

2.  I like to smile at random people I see or meet on the subway.  I just want to make their day better because smiles from strangers (perverted smiles don't count) always cheers me up :)

3.  I like crushing on people with authority. *coughs* *teachers*

4.  I hate singing in front of people. But when I'm alone, or in the shower, I belt my heart out.

5.  I love my bubble butt...

6. I'm real shy, but once you get to know me, you'll wish you've never known me, since I can be pretty annoying. But that's why you love me right :3

7. I keep a dream journal.

8. I know useless facts  xD

9. My hair dries wavy.

10. I like being myself and not following the crowd.

The End

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