i just cant win For The Win :)

1: i have a short temper... you may think its bad but sometimes its quite funny and you can have a laugh about it afterwards.

2: i love to read anything

3: i have the most amazing sister... oh and the other brother and sister :)

4: i love to draw... i tend to draw better when im feeling a bit down

(darn this is hard >_< hahaa)

5: i love to sing but know i cant

6: music is my life! i would be lost without it

7: i used to write songs and some of them turned out quite good (ego! hahaa) i was in a band

8: im a nice person but since i went to college (im english so we start earlier) i lost most of my friends but there are a couple who have stayed with me... and i love them for that.

9: people tend to think im quite dumb... im not im just smart in a useless knowledgable kind of way

10: i failed my maths GCSE i got an E - its ok though... i didnt like maths i was rubbish at it and im proud i even sat the exam :)

perdy difficult there hahaa but i finished it

The End

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