Mr. McGreggor

“What kind of practical joke was that?” Mr. McGreggor shouted. The three boys in his office trembled.

            “We-we don’t think it was a practical joke, sir.” Jack stuttered out.

            “What, you think someone was trying to hurt you?” roared McGreggor.

            “It’s all together possible, sir.” Kyle said.

            “We think we know who did it, too.” Taegan said bravely.

            “Tell me,” Mr. McGreggor said, “Who in the world do you think did it?”

            “S-Si-Simon Temple.” Jack stuttered, shaking more and more violently by the word.

            McGreggor actually laughed. “Simon Temple? Tell me, why would Simon Temple set that type of trap on you?”

            “We-we think because-well-because-see we, I-” It was now impossible. Jack could not get a word out. Kyle sighed.

            “Very well.” Mr. McGreggor sat down and leaned back in his plush leather chair. “I will investigate your claims. Meanwhile, I believe your friend has woken up. You may go visit him.


            “Thank you, sir.” Taegan said. They left and stepped out onto the stairs.

            “I’m sorry.” Jack said. “I’m a coward.”

            “That’s a little harsh.” Kyle said. “You’re not a coward. You were just stuttering.”

“Yeah, but I could have calmed myself down and went back in there. You know, maybe I’ll go back in there. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.” he turned around, but Taegan grabbed the back of his shirt and lifted him into the air.

            “Hey!” Jack shouted. “Put me down! Put me down!”

            “There’s no way you’re going back there now. We’re going to see Devin. He needs us. Come on.” He set Jack down and they walked through the hall to the sickroom. 

The End

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