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Devin, Kyle, Taegan, and Jack torment Simon constantly. One day he decides to fight back.

“Oh, Simon,” Devin said mockingly. “You know that’s where we sit.”

            Simon sat on the monstrous rock studying. He looked up and glared at Devin, Kyle, Jack, and Taegan. Sometimes it seemed like their life’s sole purpose was to torment him 24/7.

            “Well,” Devin said, “Are you gonna get off the rock yourself or are we gonna need to take you off of it?”

            Grumbling, Simon got off the rock. As he turned around to walk away, he grinned. Devin and his friends didn’t notice.

            Devin walked up on top of the rock followed by Kyle, Jack and Taegan. He grinned and sat down on the rock.

            “Ah…”Taegan said, relaxing. “That was fun.”

            “You’re sure we won’t get in trouble for that?” Jack asked. He was the only one of them who wasn’t relaxed, lying down on the rock. “Because I want to go onto college after this, and I don’t want to have record as a rule breaker.”

            “Relax,” Kyle said with his eyes closed. “We didn’t even beat him up this time. There’s no way anything will happen.” Jack looked around as if he thought someone was watching him and then lied down on the rock stiffly. After a few moments, he started to smooth out, and then grinned like the rest of the boys.

            “I’m surprised,” Devin started. “Simon didn’t even put up a fight this time. Usually we have to at least drag him off it.”

            “Hey,” Taegan said, laughing. “Don’t jinx it.” The other boys laughed with him. Jack leaned back against the tree.

            Suddenly, ropes flew in all directions. Kyle, Jack, and Taegan’s hands flew up into the air, binded with thick ropes. A noose caught itself around Devin’s neck. All four boys flew up into the air, suspended by the ropes. Devin choked and coughed. Taegan swung himself around and pulled, but couldn’t get out. Jack froze, staring at Devin. The boys swung about in the air.

            Kyle shouted suddenly. Devin had begun to cough up blood. The more he struggled, the tighter the rope around his neck seemed to be. Jack pulled at something in his jacket with his chin. After a moment of working the collar with his teeth, he lifted a small knife out of a hidden pocket with his teeth. Jack pulled himself up closer to try to cut the rope, and he felt his wrist dislocate.

Well, he thought to himself as he gasped with pain. At least my wrist is lower now. Jack worked at the rope with the knife and after several moments of intense cutting, he loosely fell out of the tree.  Using his good hand he cut the ropes tying Kyle’s hands, who then efficiently cut Taegan out of the tree as well. Together, they loosened the noose and gently set him on the ground. Devin coughed up more blood for a while. Then, he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes.

The End

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