The Daring move of the Teenage girl

Rachel attends Erika's 18th Birthday Party only to meet the hottest guy in school.

This is my story…. Although you may not know who I am , this story might interest you. My name is Rachel, I am just your average ordinary teen. During my junior year of high school, I met up with one guy, who loved me just the way I am, and forever changed my life.


I woke up. It was a morning perfect for feeling very awake. I pulled myself from my wonderful dream. I looked around my room in wonder, I wondered if my dreams could become real, I wasn’t holding out hope. She recalled something about a princess and a shiny white horse. She wasn’t sure, but there was a meaning buried in there. She liked princesses, almost wishing she was one sometimes.

There was no time to be wishing these things fancifully, she had work to do. Tonight was Erika’s  18 birthday party,  and she still hadn’t found the perfect outfit yet. There had to be one out there somewhere, waiting.

I slowly got out of bed, and walked into my bathroom.  I turned before the full length mirror on the back of  my door, and  I smiled at my reflection. There was to be a new me. Today was a day of change; I could almost feel the energy as I dressed to go out shopping today. Something marvelous was coming. The waves lapped at the shores of Pala Linda and the birds were singing.

After deciding on a pair of jeans that fit me well, and a plain blue shirt,I grabbed my favorite purse. Into it went, my keys, and wallet, and some chapstick and other amenities.  I scribbled a note to my mother on the counter and left through the back door. I opened the drivers door and hopped into my mother’s forest green Jetta. I was just plain excited  today, it just seemed right. I turned on the radio as I headed to the mall. A song came on that I liked, I tapped the steering wheel appreciatively.

I got to the mall, around noon. It was terribly crowded for being such a nice day.

The sun was out and I found a decent parking space nearby. Needless to say I was thrilled. The day was looking up. Strolling from store to store aimlessly she got more and more frazzled. She desperately needed something to wear.  She had worked all winter for some money and decided it was time for a new outfit. Hours had passed but I still had found nothing at the mall. I however was on a mission to find the perfect outfit for tonight’s soiree. These soiree events were the height of student parties. I had to find a very pretty, somewhat revealing dress if I wanted any male attention at all. That was the point, every girl in my senior class would be at this party. I had to look somewhat attractive. Something that wasn’t grundgey or old looking, or a hand me down.

She figured she’d do one more round of stores. I turned to  leave a little vintage shop, when something caught my eye.  There it was, the perfect outfit was on display. A small mannequin near the front of the show had a pleasant flowered sundress that was a lovely blend of cream and lemon. The floral print would work wonders with my eyes she mused. She could not believe her luck. Asking the sales rep to retrieve the dress I proceeded to try it on in the back.

The dress in question fit like a glove. I was smitten. It was everything I’d dreamed of. There was only one problem. The price. The tag had such a large number on it, I wasn’t sure I could really afford it. The room attendant thought it looked wonderful and told me so. Thanking the girl, I approached the counter a little hesitant. The outfit in question was on sale and I  just had enough to buy it. “That is really lucky”  I thought to myself.

Erika’ party started at 6:00, but I didn’t get there  until  about 7:45  or 7:50.  After My morning mall trip, she was running a little behind. Rachel’s older brother had driven her to the party.  The music coming from Erika’s house could be heard all over Pala Linda. He pulled up and came to a complete stop.

My brother was going to rally some friends but would eventually come to the party. I agreed to this deal, that way it wouldn't matter too much. The party it seemed was the highlight of the night, anybody whose anybody was there. Most of the faces were of people She didn’t know, or had never met, most of them older anyways. I decided this was probably a bad idea, and That maybe I'd be better if i went home. I began moving towards the door, when out of nowhere a hand grabbed her arm. Rachel spun around to face the hottest guy in my school, Bradin Westerly. He was staring right at me. I stopped.

“you going somewhere else?”  He questioned me. His deep blue eyes were smiling.

“ I haven’t decided…”  came my idiotic reply.

“stay with me, you’ll enjoy it”  He told me. I eyed him cautiously.

  He smiled in return. I nodded at this request.

             Deciding he was relatively safe, I stepped away from the door and further into the foyer. Bradin was relatively safe territory. At least she knew of him, his friends, and some of his history. A surfer by nature, his tan features, and sandy hair were a status symbol at her highschool. He was more then she bargained for. The Surf club was far more popular then the football players and every girl had dreams of hanging out with Bradin.

The house was by far the largest one I’d ever spent time in. Erika’s Parents were rich and were by no means limited by their décor and choice of neighborhood. They spent a fair amount of time traveling and  were never around to keep an eye on Erika. My parents were not thrilled by this and invited Erika over to stay with us, when they worried her parents had forgotten her. Erika was a little wild and preferred to throw parties and pursue boys. I studied and kept to myself. I wondered how we'd become good friends.

The party was starting to heat up, and there were people dancing and mingling all throughout the open floor plan of the space. I could tell there were some older boys spiking the punch in the kitchen and some girls in dresses much shorter and revealing than mine. Bradin’s eyes followed mine. He shrugged his shoulders. “ Freshmen, I gather.” I nodded. That had been us several years ago. I wondered what had happened since.

The music was coming from the back veranda near the pool and further into the yard which sloped down a bit of a hill. I could hear the music from the front of the house, and wondered how loud it must be in the back.  There had to be noise complaints, at east one neighbor was sure to worry about this ruckus. Whenever Erika could get away with it, she would throw a raging party in her giant house, and not get in trouble for it by her parents. I had yet to see them ever find one in progress. That would be quite the sight.

Bradin led me by the hand through the maze of people clustered in the living room.There had to be most of the high-schoolers here. I noted a few girls I had seen in the halls, and a dark haired girl who sat behind me in English class.

There were several girls and guys I knew were on the track team and some cheerleaders and other classmates of mine. They seemed to follow Bradin with hungry eyes. He was a shark in the water, I was just a poor fish along for the ride. Many looked at me with eyes of intense jealousy. School was gonna be tough next week. I just knew it. There was no easy way to get out scratch free.

Several stopped what they were doing to watch us pass. Evil eyes followed me to the next doorway, where it began again with the next room. Moderately self conscious of this transgression between rooms, I tried to focus on something more tangible. I settled for the feeling of Bradin’s hand in mine. The smooth skin of his palm and fingers was comforting. I began to care about little else. “ let them stare”  I thought to myself.

We walked through the house, and into a dimly lit backyard; through a large set of doors.  several huge coolers lined one side of the fence, most Becky decided probably had beers. They were lit overhead by a string of old party lights thrown haphazardly across the wooden beam.  People were standing in clumps around the various parts of the yard, talking, and laughing. To the back that faced the hillside some friends of my brothers were setting up their band on some crates and wooden pallets. They must be playing later.  My brother was due back shortly, probably to hear them play. The sound system was turned up loud and I was surprised anyone could have a conversation out here.

We stood under the porch for a moment.  The light reflecting off his hair and skin making him look godlike in splendor. I stared for a moment, trying to take it all in. His hand brushed the side of my arm, sending tingles down my spine.  He asked if I  wanted anything to drink, but I declined. He walked over to the nearest cooler and got himself a soda, and walked back to stand beside me . My heart was racing, “Why me” I thought  “why does He want me?”



The End

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