Boy Meets Girl

When the little pieces start to fall together. Feel free to comment. :)

We sat blissfully under the stars as the crickets hummed a familiar tune.  The warmth of his hand rubbing against my shoulder and his warm brown eyes fought off the first hints of autumn chill lingering in the night.  I sighed, and snuggled closer as we sat on the front porch steps.  We talked about everything, anything, and yet talked about nothing at all.  Our real conversations were the ones that were signaled by the warmth of our smiles, the looks in our eyes, and the tenderness in our kiss.  I wanted nothing more than to fall asleep right there and then knowing wrapped in his arms was the safest place I could be.  Feeling his warm, muscled arms flex around me as he pulled me tight and hearing the ever-present beating of his heart, and knowing that he loves me.

The End

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