The new kid

I left in a rush, as usual that morning, because of Eric, my brother. I thought that only girls spent hours upon hours in the washroom! I was standing there, waiting for the bathroom, when he opened the door. He took one look at me and snickered cruely.

"You look like the creature from the black lagoon"

"Go die"

"tsk tsk. Maybe you don't deserve the bathroom this morning." and with that he slammed the door. I thought about pounding on the door for a while, but it wouldn't be much use. Instead i just threw on some mascara and some clothes and left. Then i started on my slow, boring walk to school.

I was so bored i was almost talking to myself when i heard someone behind me. I whirled nervously. A boy about my age was coming up behind me, whistling tunelessly. I was so startled that i dropped my open backpack, sending the contents skidding across the cobblestones. No one ever came this way. My house was the only one down here. And i'd never seen this boy before, which, in a town like mine, is unusual.

"Hello" he greeted cheerfully, bending down to help with my books. My eyes were drawn automatically to his backside, a result of my raging hormones. It was quite nice. His butt, not my hormones. When he finally handed me my books, I decided to start a conversation.

"Hey. Where'd you come from? the forest?" It was just a little jibe, but his face grew suddenly taut.

"Just on my morning walk" He all but hissed at me, and withdrew instinctively. I said something along the lines of 'god, spaz why don't you?' and kept walking. I didn't hear anything for a few seconds, but then he called out. " HEY! wait!" I turned around again. " Um... do you know where Kate Anders HighSchool is?" He looked almost sheepish. I sighed.

"Follow me."

The End

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