Boy in the mist

The town slept peacefully, an almost violent blackness descending into all the corners of the back alleys and the oneway streets. The sea could be heard lapping up on the shore in the distance, and the trees moaned like wounded animals. A mist began to swirl around the tops of the tallest buildind, winding it's way down towards the old fashioned cobblestone streets. It thickened, into an almost cotton like veil, not suprising for this small, seaside town.

The surprise came when the mist began to churn, compacting into itself, into a form, a form that could be recognized only as a human shape. An evil laughter could be heard as colours became visible. Finally, a foot hit the street with a thud. The boy hurried towards the woods. Just before he entered into the wall of trees he looked behind himself. No one could have seen him. He smiled. He was safe

but looking out of a second story window, Katherine Black's eyes were round with shock. She shook the strange dream out of her head and climbed back under her quilt.


I woke up to the smell of bacon wafting through my room. My dad was up and cooking. I decided to go downstairs before he ate everything, or before my older brother Eric smelt everything, came downstairs and inhaled almost the entire kitchen. I quickly pulled a brush through my unruly bed head, and fidgeted with my pajamas. I'd get changed later.

My Dad's head snpped up when he heard me trudging down the stairs. he looked surprised.

"You're up early." he noted as I sat down beside him. I looked at my clock. it was only five. I stuffed some bacon into my mouth, scalding my tongue.

"well i couldn't just let you eat all the bacon yourself, could i?" He chuckled.

The End

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