I sat there on my knees, on that dirty floor with my mouth wide open in horror. The box had just spoken to me. I held it up close to my face examining it carefully. It was red with silver glitter and looked like any other cardboard box. The smell of vanilla was intoxicating and made me feel a little sick.

" Jamie!" Ella shouted from inside the shop. It made me jump and I nearly droppped the box.

" Coming." I placed the box down and went outside to the shop. I man with long, brown curly hair was stood at the counter. " Yes how can I help?" I asked plesantly.

" I was wondering if you had  any Slipknot t-shirts", the man said.

" Sorry we haven't got any in at the moment and I don't know when we'll have them. We have what we have out here so let me know if your interested in any of those."

" No. I just wanted the Slipknot one. Thanks anyway." With that the man walked out the shop in huge rock boots with metal chains on the side. Once the door had closed I went back into the back and sat down next to the box. I sat theree pondering on what on earth could have happened. I didn't want to shake it again. Instead I put the order away except the box. I put that in my school bag. I looked up at the clock. I was nearly six. Time to shut up shop. I grabbed my bag and slumped it over my shoulder.

" Ella come on, it's time to go home." She got up from the blue stool she was sat on and lifter her Dora bag off the floor. I reached inside the till for the keys and then turned off the lights.

Once we had closed the shop and put the shutters down we sat at the bustop and waited.

" I hate Mum not being here." Ella muttered.

" Why? What's so bad?"

" You and Justin are always fighting and we have to go the shop every day after school now. Normally I would be at home watching television or drawing Mum a picture. She likes the ones with the dragons in best."

" I bet she does", I whispered to myself." Listen, Mum'll be home before we know it." I left it at that. I couldn't be bothered having that whole talk about missing people. That was Mum's job or Dad's job but not mine. The bus pulled up and we stepped out into the rain.

It didn't take long for us to get home. When we did, Justin was sat there, in the living room watching Top Gear on TV. Both hands down his pants like every other teenage boy.

" Do you mind?" I asked walking in.

" No I baby sit", he retaliated. That joke was getting old.

" What's for tea?" Ella asked placing herself fright infront of the TV.

" Yeah, what is for tea?" Justin looked at me, a smile on his face.

" I made tea yesterday", I snapped.

" So?" Justin shrugged.

" So it's your turn", I growled. He tutted. " I'm not making it again. We said we'd take it in turns."

" Fine. Ella we're having beans on toast", he called over to our little sister.

" You can't make that", I laughed even though it wasn't funny.

" Why not?" He smiled at me again. I couldn't be bothered to argue with him at that moment. I stormed out of the living room and sprinted upstairs to my bedroom. I threw the bag down beside the desk behind the door. Seth was there lying on the rug in the middle of the room.

" Hey Seth." I smiled at him and collapsed next to him. I stroked his fur while he licked my face twice. I lay my head on his next while he whined as if to tell me it's ok.

I then remembered the box. I jumped up quickly knockin Seth's jaw(which I apologised for) and scrambled over to my bag unzipping it and reaching inside for the box. The box was warm which it shouldn't have been. I crawled back over to Seth and leaned against him. I looked at the box again but not daring to shake it just incase something happpened.

" What do you think?" I asked Seth putting the box infront of his nose. He took a sniff and sneezed. A little small laugh came from the box.

" Nice wolf." A wolf! Is that what the box thought Seth was. I couldn't help give a little chuckle. " Who's that?" the box snapped. It had an Irish accent.

" What are you?" I looked closely.

" I think I asked the query first", the box said stubbornly.

" Sorry. I'm Lycia. Now will you answer my question."

" Certainly, but manners will help in the futre. My name is Adan and I am a fire faerie".

" I would say I don't believe you but I'm talking to a box."

" So, your a human?"

" Yeah. Is that your home?"

" Of course not! I was trapped inside, imprisoned if you will, by my uncle. He saw me kissing his wife's brother's son. Saw me as a troublemaker and locked me up for something so silly."

" Yeah. So how do I get you out? If I can that is."

" Just smash it with something. Not me though." I gave a small laugh and then searched the room for a hammer or somthing. I couldn't see anything so I ran downstairs and into the kitchen. My two siblings were watching TV so I was unoticed. I got the meat hammer from the draw and ran back upstairs. I saw Seth sniffing at the box and shoved his muzzle out of the way and hit the box hard. Vibrations went up my arm from the force of the blow, but nevertheless, the box broke and out came a tiny red spark.  

The End

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