Mysterious BoxMature

All the way to school I was thinking of how much an arse Justin was. He really did my head in near enough every day. I fixed my bag on my shoulder whilst walking through the school gates.

Like every day my friends Taylor and Alex were stood in the darkest corner of the front yard. I saw arms moving indicating what they must have done the night before our what they had heard from some source.

When I finally got to them they stopped their conversation and turned directly to me.

" Hey Jamie", Alex said.

" Hey. Anything interesting happened?" I said trying to direct the conversation back to what they were talking about.

" Meh. Nothing really. Was just saying stuff about Millie." Millie was Taylor's dog. She was a small westie and she had met Seth a couple of times.

" Yeah well Justin rattled Seth this morning because I made him wake Ella up."

" Your brother's a douche", Taylor said.

" I know, I live with him."

" Shouldn't he be punishing you then instead of the dog?" Alex said.

" Oh yeah that'll be great", I said sacrcastically. " Justin can just hit me square in the face and it'll all be fine." Alex went silent and made her lips prune and her green eyes narrow.

" Anyway as I was saying..." so Taylor went on about her dog. I just place the umms and ahhhs in the right places. Then the bell went that saved me from the question " Did anyone have any weird dreams?"

After saying goodbye to Taylor and Alex at the end of school I got the bus to Ella's school. Once she was by my side, we got on the bus again to the city centre to look after the shop. Ella told me all about her school day and how Justin made her late again.

" I'm going to kill him", I muttered when we were getting off the bus. We walked a good 15 minutes to some of the small allies and the small shops that did tattoos and other creepy stuff. But that was what my mum was into so we had to just deal with it.

I walked into the dark shop with insence in the windows. Justin stood with his bald head rising above the small woman in a black dress stood there talking to him.

" When will they be in?" the woman asked.

" Tomorrow, Mrs Green".

" Alright, love. I'll see you then. Bye." Mrs Green said waving her hand behind her. She smiled at me and then went out of the shop. I shuddered at the old face covered in make up and her white hair reaching down to her thin, skinny arse.

" 'Bout time you got here", Justin said with a grumple.

" I'm sorry but I get Ella on time unlike some people", I snapped.

" I got her in on time!" he growled back.

" Ella told me she was late."

" She was later than usuall, thats all." Justin's face was going red. I gave a small snigger but stopped because I had to be serious. I looked down at my sister who was looking down at the floor.

" Ella?"

" He was doing my head in too", Ella said looking up at me with an innocent face.

" Whatever. I'm getting out of here". Justin said looking angry and upset at the same time. He brushed past me hard and then slammed the shop door. I squeezed my eyes shut and then the bell on the door rang again to show someone coming in. " By the way, the order's come in", Justin said then closed the door again but more gently.

" Come on Ella, lets get the order sorted so we can serve some people and shut up in time for tea." We walked towards the counter and I sat Ella on a small stool by the side of the till.

" Call me if anyone comes in", I said walking into the back. I saw the one cardboard box with the weird stuff that my mum must have ordered before she went away. I opened it. and started to check the stuff off the list that the company had given me. It was the general weird stuff that waas already in the shop; dragon figures, crystal balls, insence sticks etc. When I finally got all of that out I saw there was still a box in the far right hand corner. I reached in and grabbed it. It was kind of small and was covered in glitter. It smelled pof vanilla which was a little weird. I turned it over and shook it to see if I could hear anything that was inside. It showed no means of opening. I shook it again. Then the next thing that happened totally creeped me out.

" Oi! Pack that in!"

The End

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