Boy for a monthMature

Jamie is a 14 year old girl who wonders things that she probably shouldn't. Like what would've it been like to live in Victorian times if I she was there? and what's it like to be a boy?
However, one day a mysterious box appears in her mum's shop. Opening it slowly a being of some kind appears and gives her four wishes. Jamie must now decided if she still wants to ponder on her questions of find out for herself.

I kicked the ball angrily towards the net, the ball flying past the keeper and into the back. I heard the crowd scream and shout across the stadium. I pulled my shirt over my head and ran around the pitch. My team mates jumped on me sharing their joy. But in all of this excitement I knew something bad was going to happen.

" Jamie pull your shirt down. Your showing your bra off to the supporters", said Taylor one of my awesome team mates and best friends. My face dropped when I heard her say the last part. I muttered 'shit' under my shirt and pulled it down hard ripping the back of it so it came completely off.

Immediatly, everyone in the stadium was laughing and pointing at me. Even the hateful players of Portsmouth United were laughing. I tried to cover myself up whilst sobbing. The stadium swirled around me sending me into a daze. Soon my manager gripped me by the shoulders.

" Sorry, love, but your off the team. Your just a girl to us", he said patting me on my bare shoulder and escorting me off the pitch. Tears streamed my face as the manager lead me into a room which I hadn't been in before. " This is the 'girly' room", was all he said. He pushed me inside and I fell into a deep pink hole. I screamed as I fell and landed on my face with a thud.

My eyes flashed open and it was dark. I lifted myself up with ease and saw I was in my bedroom, in my house, in Greater Manchester. I sighed and rolled over onto my back, looking up at the ceiling. I thanked Ronaldo that it was just a dream. I looked at my clock  on the small shelf of my bunk bed. It read 6:30. I sighed and threw back my brown quilt. Climbing down the ladders I saw that my sister Ella was still asleep. She was only five so  I let her stay in her slumber. The bars where cold on my feet but warm when I hit the carpet. I hugged myself and went out of the room.

I ambled downstairs in my shorts and t-shirt pajamas hearing my stomach rumble with nearly every step I took towards the kitchen which was down the hall.

Once I finally got there I grabbed some cereal, a bowl and some milk(can't forget that) and walked back into the hall, through the living room and into the dining room. I began eating what I had messily prepared, when my huge alsation walked in from the living room panting.

" Hey Seth", I said ruffling the dogs head. He looked up at me with dark eyes. He lay down at the side of my chair waiting for me to finish so he could lick the bowl like he did every morning when I got up for school. I heard a small whine when I looked away from Seth. " It's ok, you'll get it", I mumbled with a mouth full of coco pops. I then had an idea. " Seth!" I said a bit too loud. " Ella, Seth. Go wake up Ella." I pointed upstairs. The alsation barked at me and then bounded off upstairs. I heard his paws walk into mine and Ella's room and then it came.

" Arrrghh!! Jamie!!!" the little girl screamed. I laughed.

" What is it Ella?" I shouted up to her.

" Seth's attacking me with slobber and kisses!" she screamed. It was then I heard angry footfalls coming from my brothers room. His name was Justin and he was 17. I heard some muffled voices and then a yelp.

" Get off my dog, Justin!" I shouted up to him sternly.

" Don't send him up then!" he shouted back down. I heard whines and Seth's paws coming down the stairs and trotting back into the living room. He saw that I was finished and pawed me for the bowl. I set it down and ran my hand across his back as I went back upstairs. I ignored my room and went straight down the landing into Justins room. I hardly ever went in it.

" Why do you have to be such a dick to Seth?"  I shouted at him. I immediatly saw the lump under the black quilt move.

" Why do you have to be such a dick to Ella?" he responded sleepily.

" I was only playing around with her", I said a little high pitched.

" Yeah which woke me up."

" You have college so don't go giving me that crap, Justin".

" Go get ready for school", he mumbled rolling over and making his voice ten times more deeper than it should be. I gave him the middle finger whilst making a face at him and then walked out. I couldn't be bothered with him. Mum and Dad had gone on holiday and I had to just deal with whatever he does and what commands he gave me. I went back into my room and began getting changed for school.

" That was mean Jamie", Ella said behind me.

" Sorry", I mumbled whilst putting my blouse on.

" Is Seth ok? Why are you and Justin always fighting?"

" Seth's fine Ella and we're not fighting. If we were I'd probably be dead right now".

" Liar. I just heard you two shouting at each other."

" I was shouting because he hurt Seth so I was sticking up for my best friend".  I walked over to her and sat on the end of her bed with her.

" I thought Taylor and Alex were your best friends."

" I meant my other best friend."

" I thought I was your other best friend."

" Ok. You and Seth are my other best friends ok?"

" OK Jamie." Ella reached over and gave me a hug. I gave her a kiss on her messy bed head of black hair.

" Now then. What do you want for breakfast?"

" Toast and jam please."

" Coming right up." I went downstairs and began making my siser some toast. Seth came in with bowl, pushing it along the floor. I gave a small giggle and picked it up. " Thanks boy." I stroked his brown head. He panted and then walked out of the room.

Once the toast popped out of the toaster I jammed it and went into the dining room where I found Ella in her pink nighty stroking Seth who was sat by her chair at the table.

" Bon Appetite!" I said handing her the plate. She and Seth both licked their lips. I sighed and called Seth for his walk.

When I came back I saw that Ella was in her school uniform and Justin was sat in the living room watching Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr with Ella.

" Don't forget to take her on time again." I said walking into the living room noticing that he was just in a pair of jogging bottoms.

" I won't ", Justin sighed.

" Good. Well I'm off to school and I'll pick Ella up. I'll see you later." Ella waved goodbye and Seth came up to me licked my hand and walked back off slumping himself on the couch.

The End

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