something is different about him

Something is definitely different about him. Right now he is laying in the middle of my parent's living room floor, face down. Kristen, my baby sister, sleeps next to him. She is too young to move herself, still has a couple months before she can learn to crawl. She relies on my parents and I to carry her around, her head resting against my breast as she sleeps. She is also face down, as if she had somehow learned to walk, but had tripped and the collision with the ground had immediately knocked her out.

I had left four minutes ago to wash my face and make sure my hair wasn't a complete mess. John had asked to be left with Kristen. I didn't see any harm in that, so I let them be alone. The last thing I saw before I walked up the stairs was John playing with Kristen, hiding his face in his hands and popping out when she was least expecting. I walked up the stairs with a huge smile on my face.

My parents aren't going to be home for another few hours, so it is up to me to provide dinner for the both of us. John had arrived just a few minutes ago to work on the Spanish project that was due tomorrow. He wouldn't be leaving until it was completely finished.

I am surprised his snoring isn't waking Kristen. I guess it's quiet enough that even I would be able to sleep through it. Kristen can sleep through anything.

John and I rarely talked. It was only because of Spanish class that we had even said anything. He was on the varsity football team, of course. I was a cheerleader, but not nearly good enough to be a contender for the head of the squad. And, therefore, nowhere near the position required to catch his attention. Not that I liked him. He just wasn't my type. First, I need to figure out what that is. But I would definitely not expect John to fall asleep next to one of the most peaceful babies I have ever seen.

With another smile on my face, I enter the kitchen. The table is cluttered with papers. On the top is a notes that tells me I have to clean them up, that my parents were in a hurry. I crumple of the piece of paper and put it in my pocket.

My parents really like lists. There is another one on the freezer. Leaving it posted, I learn that my mom has left a small turkey she bought from the grocer in the freezer, and I could heat that up if I so desired. I did not plan on doing much work other than the project, so I grabbed the turkey and put it into the oven.

The End

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