Final court

"Calynial," the sound of my name being called abrubtly shakes me from my mindless thoughts, I blink, take one last look at the starry sky above before turning to see who my intruder is.
Behind me is the tall, elegant form of my ninety year long best friend and teacher, Carlan looking down at me with a faint smile on his lips. 
"Yes?" I ask, rising from my position on the soft grass. At my full height, I am still two inches shorter than him. 
"Mani naa lle umien?" He asks, his green eyes gaining their familiar playful glint. 
"I was merely thinking" I tell him honestly. 
"So you would like me to believe." He turns his back on me, heading back towards the mountains, "The King has requested your presence in his court, Khila amin" He starts up the steps and I quickly follow, getting ahead and glaring at him. 
"I will have you know that was the truth. And what is the court about?"
"Alright, I believe you. And I do not know, I have not yet been informed."
"Guard duty again?" I query, already knowing I will not receive an answer. As predicted, he sweeps past me up the steps. I follow a couple steps behind, continuing my thoughts from before. 
<I>a dragon has been spotted destroying everything except, apparently, there are things different about this beast. It is stronger, smarter and contains magic. A formidable beast which will take many warriors to defeat.<I>
Entering the courtyard, I take my place on the right side of Carlan, left side of some other warrior elf I have never bothered to learn the the name of. 
"Elen sila lumenn omentilmo" Thranduil, King of the woodland elves states as he enters and takes his place on his throne next to his young son by 450 years, Legolas. 
"There have been rumours, we have heard, of a terrible beast terrorising the midlands. This, I am afraid is true." Thranduil says, starting of the meeting directly to the point, as is his custom. "We need to protect our lands, we will have guards posted around the woods at all times. This meeting has been called to discuss whom will be with whom. 
Whilst Thranduil stated who would be with who at what part of the woods, I went back to my thinking which was soon interrupted;
"Calynial? You shall go with Callas and Carlan to the east wood clearing to keep watch.
I give a brief nod, watching another elf from the opposite end of the circle nod as well.

Mani naa lle umien? - what are you doing?
Khila amin - follow me
Elen sila lumenn omentilmo - A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting

The End

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