Home Run or Foul

The low sodium lights slowly came back on, one light pole at a time, until all but one pole was fully lit. The people in the stands sat mute, awaiting the decisions of the umpire. Zane, on first base, handed his hard-hat to a player, and donned his baseball cap.

All the referees, and umpire was huddled together between home and first base. It seems there was a problem, no one could find the ball. Bat-boys and Bat-girls were scouring the out-of-bounds areas, and the players were searching within bounds.

Billy laid his glove on the mound and walked over to the first base. The audience watched the two men, Billy and Zane, as the spoke to one another. A murmur rippled through the crowd as the two men hugged, then the pitcher walked to the group of Ref's. He spoke to them for awhile, then shook  his head and stepped away. He turned to face the first base and shook his head again, then continued to the mound.

The End

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