Bottling it up

   A day where the sky was the lightest, most daintiest, shade of blue. The clouds were a perfect white and puffy as cotton candy.

The grass will be emerald green with a light sprinkle of dew drops hanging on the edges of each blade. Flowers are colors of the rainbow, spread across and around the trunk of the tree.

  I'd want to bottle the whole place up, and on the most dreadful day, like on my Aunt Tilly's funeral and on the same day my pup Condor would pass, I'd pop open the cork and let the whole feeling cheer everybody up, and maybe a small little bit opened even for the smallest thing like say my smallest brother Nate trod on a bee barefoot and gotten stung.

  The feeling would make them happy, but sometimes, I guess not.

   Perhaps, the nastiest girl I know Milly, would be the most darn upset of her friend Sonia who would not let her cross her property of her desk, would smack her on the head. From what I know from those rude girls is that they'd smack each other up and down head until they are stopped of internally bleeding.

   If I'd really want to open up my Happy Bottle and let Milly and Sonia share and dance around in it, they'd never be happy. I guess so.

   My dear Happy Bottle would most likely never share happiness with those two girls. I'd roll my eyes at them and tell them to shut their damn pie hole, I'd still think they wouldn't stop,

    But, since the Happy Bottle does do care for anybody with an upside down smile, I'd guess he would open up for Milly and Sonia, but, since I won't let him, I guess I'd go back to Aunt Tilly's funeral, and my yard with Condor, and just simply, Bottle it up, 

The End

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