So Much for SleepMature

I led the girl to my office as we spoke. The old disused warehouse was more than a great place for a rave it was where we did most of our work.

Molly looked up from behind a mixing desk as we trotted past. She was the youngest of the DJs on Flash FM, barely twenty years old, but what she didn't know about the scene wasn't worth mentioning. She pulled her headset down onto her neck and flicked a switch with a smile.

"Hi Cal thought I'd be the only one pulling the graveyard shift. Shouldn't you and Stevens be heading home by now? How was the rave? Good thing we sound proofed this level of the building, I wouldn't have been able to hear myself think. Who's your friend?"

I rolled my eyes ushering my new ward past the bubbly redhead.

"Don't ask ... hows the show? Numbers up?"

Molly nodded energetically.

"Looking at the web feeds they're soaring and we've had no heat either." She punched the air grinning. "Dj Black Cat does it again!. Hammer and Specter will be so jelous when they get in for the morning shift. If they haven't killed each other on the way over here that is."

I shook my head ushering the girl into a cubicle behind our makeshift Dj booth. Between the rave events and Middleton's one and only pirate radio station I had all the friends I needed. Maybe sleep wasn't that important after all.

I sat the girl down behind my desk. She looked cold and bewildered but safe enough. Stevens would look after the blonde lad. All that ranting and raving was only going to stun the girl more. I poured us both a coffee and perched myself on the desk facing her.

"So what was all that about? And who's your friend?"

Up until now I'd barely managed to get a series of nods and grunts out of her but as she spoke I found myself strangely shocked. Appart from being elegant and gentle her accent was very obviously British.

"That's Harvey. He's been my best friend since I came here. A very odd, rough sort but he has a heart of gold."

I nodded. He certainly wasn't the sort of guy I imagined wandering around with this obviously publically schooled knockout.

"... and there was a fight?"

She looked confused shaking her head.

"Not as you would have imagined no. The men that attacked us wheren't your average thugs. They where waiting for us. What's worse they knew my name. I've never seen them in my life! I remember Harvey arguing with them, then I must have fainted."

She rubbed her neck wincing.

"Or been knocked senseless ..." I thought. I scratched my head. This was getting stranger and stranger. I had a British Japanese girl sitting with me who had nearly just been assassinated and all I'd wanted to do was go home for the night.

My cell rang. It was Stevens. I picked it up grimacing.

"Please don't tell me we have more problems ... give the kid a glass of water or something."

The rumbling chuckle that came back didn't fill me with any great amount of confidence.

"I think you might want to get down here Cal we have some new friends ..."

I hung up cursing under my breath.. Telling the girl to stay put I ran back towards the front of the building motioning to Molly to keep an eye on her as I went. Any more commotion was bound to attract the attention of the cops and this was the last thing we needed.

As I got back to where we had met the couple I could hear the rumble of engines. Stevens was practically carrying Harvey who was swearing an pointing to two lifeless forms draped over the back of a couple of motor cycles. The leader of the gang of bikers who where revving their engines outside was standing with his arms folded glaring at my giant companion. He strutted over to me as I reached the scene.

"Are these yours boy?" He pointed to the unconcious bodies looking me up and down. This guy was easily the size of Stevens, as where two thirds of his friends. I certainly didn't want to piss him off.

I shook my head looking at the insignia on his Jacket. He was one of the Spitfires, a well known biker gang in the area. They had a roadhouse not far from the warehouse and I saw them regularly as I travelled to and from work.

"We can tolerate the horrible music, we can even put up with your multi-coloured freaks running around all over the place at unholy hours of the morning, but now you're trying to steal our bikes?!"

This was not a man anyone wanted to see agitated. I had to calm this situation and quickly,


The End

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