The Unravelling Begins

.....definately weird, how was I to sort it out and ..who can I trust now?

"Bobby agh I mean Julie please sit down - let me try and unravel this for you. Oh dear if all this gets out there will be an out cry here - maybe even an up-rising." Mark was looking very uneasy.

"Do you have any idea who runs this place?  I mean, the head honcho - the BOSS?" he added under his breath.  I tentatively took the seat beside him, my curiosity piqued.  Listening would do no harm, but if I got no satisfaction an up-rising would be minor.

"Right mate - talk." I almost spat the words out at him.  Why does he look so nervous? I wondered, whing he would get on with it so I could sort out my life.   "Ok Julie, but keep your voice low and quiet.  This must stay between you and me?" "Get on with it or I'll scream" I threw back at him in a terse whisper.

"Julie, have you ever wandered why this place is called the "In Between?" he asked.  Istared at him - what a dumb question, everyone knows it's never been a secret.  "Are you for real? Idiot! Mark everyone knows the answer to that.  It's decides whos who in the next life - determins futures of souls. It's the place we wait in between lives. Durr in other words In Between.

Mark rolled his eyes and sighed "yes dear but whose in charge"  "The Judges" I said giving him a withering look.  "And who do you suppose is incharge of the Judges?"  he came back with. 

Well now I admit I had to pause for thought... and more thought... "Well don't they work as a team - they don't need a person "in charge' - remember there's no I in team" (This sounded really lame to my ears but I hoped he would accept my answer).  All I got though was a very condecending look.

"Julie - how much time have you spent on the 8th floor?"  He questioned with a forced patient tone of voice.  "Hm yes... been up there a couple of times." I mumbled trying to sound matter- of-fact about it.

Never noticed the winding stair.....

Suddenly bells started to ring loudly and the doors flew open - the room started to fill with mist.  Fearfully I hid under the desk - so no-one would see me shaking,

The End

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