I decide to go up the escalators, I want to tell Kate what happened. On the way, I see Becky on the down escalators next to me, furiously running the opposite direction. She spots me and waves.

"Hey Bobby!" she exclaims, "Look! I'm not actually running anywhere!" She laughs and a couple of people on the 6th floor who wants to go down the escalator stare at her and walk away towards the direction of the lifts. *Sigh*. I reach the 7th floor after another escalator and I sit down on the cloud couch in front of Kate's desk.

"Hi!" she says, "You're back early! What happened?"

"Well, the Inbetweener from last time wasn't there, so I went and talked to your friend, Mark. He was -"

"-Wait" Kate interrupts, "Who's Mark? My friend isn't called Mark. He's called Marcell. Who were you talking to, Bobby?"

"I don't know!" I reply, confused. "That's really weird. He disappeared after I talked to him. I wonder where he went. How come he said he knew me?"

The End

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