Of Lifts and Escalators

"Hey! How did it go?" Kate asks as I step out of the Court.

"Terrible. Don't. Even. Ask." I reply. "Um..I'll be at the 5th floor if you need me."

"Sure! See you around!" She continues her game of World of Goo (great game if you ask me...) on the computer.

I walk back to the lift, trying my best to not scream at everyone. It was so unfair! How could the Judge do this? Gosh, I hope he gets a disgusting life next. I pressed the down button, and after a few seconds the cloudy lift doors open and I step in. Becky was still there.

"Becky? What are you doing in the lift? Did you apply for a job as the lift buttons presser or something?" I ask, pressing the button for the 5th floor.

"No! Of course not, that would be crazy! I just think lifts are cool! You don't think so? You press a button and it just takes you everywhere."

"Right.....so you've been here all day just going up and down...."

"Yeah! It's so fun! I did it all day yesterday too! You should try it!"

"Okay....While you're at it, why don't you try the escalators too?"

"Oh my!! You are so right!" The lift stops and the lift doors open to the fifth floor of the Inbetween. We step out. The fifth floor looks like a huge office, where rows and rows of computers are laid out orderly. At one end of the room, there is a queue, where you line up for you turn with an Inbetweener. I look for the Inbetweener who I was with last time and I feel Becky fidgeting beside me. I sigh.

"Come on," I beckon to her. She follows, giggling. I take her to the escalators.

"Stand on this bit," I explain, pointing to a moving stair, "And hold on to this," I put her hand on the moving banister. She does so, and starts moving up the escalators.

"Thank you!" she shouts. "This is so cool!" Some people turn their heads and stare at her with worried expressions. I turn around and carry on examining each Inbetweener.

The End

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