Judging, the first time

"Julia Floretts, death by childbirth, time - childbirth. And what is the problem Miss Floretts?" The judge says. He looks tired and annoyed, maybe he shared his emotions with the secretary...or vice versa.

"I went through a good last life, sir, and the Inbetweeners promised me at least 70 years of age this life. However, I died at childbirth even though I deserved my life. What is going on?" I reply.

"This just happens to my concern because......?" The judge answers with another question. "Looks like you have a couple of Inbetweeners to beat up. Don't worry, I'll get you a pass." The Judge looked like he just wanted this to be over and done with. Beating people up was against the rules here in the Inbetween, you needed a pass if you were ever really angry with someone for a good reason.

"No sir, please, I deserved this life, it isn't fair." I argue, "How will you sort this out?"

"This is not my problem," he replies, "Have you even gone and spoken to the inbetweeners yet? This trial is terminated. I will not continue until you find the Inbetweeners and tell them what you just told me."

"Sir! You need to hel-" I fight.

"No!" He interrupts. He motions for me to leave, and I do. Arghhhh! He definitely does not like me. Maybe he has a grudge against girls or something.....and I never got that pass. I sigh. Time to go down to the fifth floor.

The End

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