"Julia Floretts." Well, I was going to be her, obviously not.

"Cause of death and when?"

"Childbirth and...childbirth." The secretary note down my details with a bored face then smash her pen down on the desk. Scary. She probably didn't get her day off. Maybe her other shift went and got herself reborn. I would, being a secretary doesn't sound so interesting. 

"Just wait here for now and sit," she orders. I sit on a cloudy sofa and wait impatiently. I look outside, since there weren't any walls. But because there is a protection layer covering the Inbetween, no one would be able to get out. It is sunny. It is always sunny. Just then, the door opens and my best friend walks in.

"Bobby! I mean, Julia!"

"Kate!" We hug and look absolutely delighted.

"I have to remember your new name. Wait, you died early..... Did someone murder you? I'll sue that guy or girl! Rebecca told me you came here!"

"Ahh, Becky would, wouldn't she? Anyway, it's long story! So how come you haven't gone yet? "

"Well, I'm waiting for my little brother. A new friend of my is an inbetweener, he checked for me and Johnny should be coming in a few months!"

"Wonderful! The whole family is here!" Kate's parents waited for her and they want the whole family together. So, they are still currently waiting for one last member of the family. Did I mention that all your past memories return in the Inbetween? All the memories from all your lives comes back in your head. It's alot to remember, but we're not exactly human.

"Oh yeah!" Kate exclaims, "I'm also applying for the secretary job here! The other shift has just got herself a new life! I heard she was sick of waiting for that boyfriend of hers. Apparently, he cheated on her, and she always wanted to get revenge. It shouldn't be that hard, and I'll have loads of free hours!"

"That's great! I'm waiting for -"

" - Are you the new girl?" The secretary interrupts, now chewing a bubblegum. "Great, you can start today." Then she gets off the chair and walks off quickly.

"Cool!" Kate says, sitting down at her new desk and twirling around in the black office chair.

The End

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