Born to Die

A girl is born. Then dies straight away. She returns to the inbetween and stands up for herself, very very angry.

Ahhh, it is so stuffy in this womb. Seriously? What is the point? It's been around 8 months now (more or less), don't ask how I know. It's my instincts. So why stuff a soul in a baby's body on its own, without any companions, for a whole nine months? I came from the inbetween, which is exactly what it means. In between lives. Basically, after you die you go to the inbetween. You have two boxes, one is for good deeds, and one is for bad deeds. It's quite simple. The heavier the good deed box, the better your next life (eg. You become a millionaire). The heavier the bad deed box, the worse your next life will be (eg. You become an ant and get squashed). And yes, the boxes are the same weight. Well, I'm gonna forget all about this anyway, the second I'm out of this hellhole... about all this sticky gooey stuff I sleep in, you're supposed to. You have no idea how gross it is, and the noise? The breathing is loud, the eating is loud, the swallowing is loud, EVERYTHING is loud. But I seem to always be in hibernation mode, so I am probably going nuts or losing my mind, don't think I even had a mind in the first place. Wait, am I the mind? Can you lose yourself? Can you see how mental and ridiculous I sound like because I am talking to myself? Eughh.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" That's my mum. She's giving birth. To me. YES! I am getting out! Here goes! Goodbye memory! And hellooooo new life! I must say, I hope I have a good life, my good deed box was about twice as heavy as my bad deed box. Yay!

I am out! I cry and cry. I am covered in blood and gooey stuff. A nurse picks me up and wraps me in a towel. I feel warm. Suddenly, I stop crying. My body is limp. I stop breathing. My nurse looks horrified. I float out of this baby. I can see my body. Doctors and nurses gather around my pale body. I keep floating upwards, towards the inbetween My mum is crying. I am dead.

The End

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