Born to be...

The story of a girl, Amber, who feels it is her destiny to always be the black sheep, whether in her family or the odd one out at work or within her friends. The story may explore why she feels this way, and how Amber can resolve this.

My name is Amber.

I can safely say you already have a mental image of me don't you? Let me see.. you imagine some golden haired beauty,  large blue eyes, fantasticaly clear skin. You imagine my golden hair to be a halo of fantastic light surrounding me. Your imagining me to be a real-life goddess.

Wrong. I'm sorry.

I have the darkest black hair you can imagine. My eyes are plain, boring and dull - brown in colour. My skin is so-so, I am not an angellic beauty more an everyday, walking down the street and doesn't make children cry, kind of pretty.

I was born in the summer, the sun shone bright and my parents were ecstatic they finally had a girl. They assumed I would take after themselves and my three older brother, they are blondes.

You could say I was born to be the black sheep of the family.

The End

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