Chapter 5Mature

Once Demetri finished mourning the smoldering remains of his chair, he demanded that Eliana put her clothes back on. “We have to get you out of here.” He hissed, going into his closet and quickly changing into his gear. Not that his gear and his civilian clothes really looked all that different. He grabbed some of his sister’s gear-back when she actually did work and threw it at the blonde. “Change into this and keep the hood on.” He commanded, pushing back all of his clothes, ignoring the shriek the hangers made against the metal bar. He started to paw the wall, looking for the separation. Why he didn’t just put a knob, he didn’t know; he was probably just too lazy to do it.

            “What are you looking for?” she asked, probably struggling against the clothes that he had just given her. He made a triumphant sound and pulled the board away. Behind him he heard Eliana gasp as she saw the array of weapons. “Whoa.” She breathed, suddenly right next to him. “Don’t you have magic? Why do you need this?” He didn’t reply, but instead, started to strap weapons to his gear. A sword here, knife there, crossbow here. “We don’t need weapons.” She protested as he handed her a few knives.

            “I know that. But sometimes you can’t really use magic up close without drawing attention to yourself. And your magic isn’t really a common type of magic. So put this on. And we’re going out the back way.” He explained, going into the back of his room and opening another door that lead down a corridor. “You can’t be seen.” Demetri added quickly, trying to count the ways he could murder his sister and get away with it.

            Eliana looked at him. “Look, I know that I’m public enemy number one, but last I checked, no one really know how I look like. For the most part, I don’t exist. We don’t have to take these back roads.” She insisted, following him down the corridor as he ignored her and started walking.

            “Whether or not they know how you look like, they know you’re alive.” He paused and looked at her. “And you look like your mother. Just with blonde hair.” He added quickly, and he swore that he saw her cheeks flush with pink before he turned his head. “And anyone who knew your mother knows would know that you’re her daughter.” Demetri pulled the hood over her head, making sure that her hood cover the majority of her face, he then opened the door at the end of the corridor.

            After a few seconds of making sure that no one was there or watching, he slowly led Eliana down the alley. He cursed. “What?” Eliana asked, her eyes clearly wide. Lamia was apparently holding a town meeting and everyone was congregating in the town square with Lamia standing on her balcony that overlooked everything.

            “Lamia’s holding a meeting. Looks like we’re stuck here for the time being.”

            “We can’t just leave?” Eliana questioned, her eyebrows furrowing together.

            “When the crowd leaves we can. But not when everyone is here. It’ll be too obvious.” He muttered, pressing himself against the wall of the building. “At least here, we can see and hear everything and at the same time, be completely hidden.” He explained, sliding down to a sitting position. Eliana looked at him with careful eyes before mimicking his movements.

            There was a long stretch of silence before someone said anything. It wasn’t like Lamia to wait placing the spotlight on her. “Sorry about your chair.” Eliana said earnestly, looking at him. He looked at her a shot her a weak smile.

            “Chairs are replaceable.” He responded simply. Dryly. Detached. “I’m more worried about this meeting than my chair at the moment.” He added quickly. “Lamia never holds meetings nor does she ever take this long to show up.”

            “So this is bad?” she questioned.

            “Yes. Very. It means that she’s going to make a show out of this.” He explained dryly, trying not to remember the days when Lamia made a scene hunting down the remainder of the Flintix family and burning them alive. “Poetry.” Was what she called the act, irony fit the bill better. She looked at him with a worried expression on her face. There was something that she wasn’t telling him.

            When the crowd began to clap, that was when Demetri got himself to one knee and peered around the corner. Lamia was slowly making her way onto the balcony with someone chained right behind her. He thought so. Another burning. When his eyes finally focused on who that person was, he bit down a gasp. Milintica? “What are you not telling me?” he hissed, turning back around to Eliana who had already seen what was happening.

            Her eyes were wide with fear. “That’s not my brother.” She breathed and he had half a mind to shake her wildly. “That’s… That’s not my brother.”

            “I know it’s been a while since I’ve seen Milintica, but that’s-” he began, turning over and pointing at the one who was chained up until his eyes got a really good look at him. That wasn’t Milintica. Yes, it had been a few years, but whoever this was looked crazed. Their eyes were wide but there was clear pain behind them and he was struggling and shaking where he stood. Did Lamia decide to poison him? She wasn’t above torture, he knew that. What he didn’t know was that Lamia had been experimenting with poisons. The three houses were always impervious to poisons, there were a select few that could kill them, but those were hard to find. And even harder to create.

            “What did she do to him?” Eliana asked the air, her breathing ragged and her eyes glazed over. “Oh Mili.” She breathed, her eyes not moving from her brother’s face.

            All Demetri could do was watch as Lamia began speaking. “Behold my citizens of Loretannia! One of the last remaining members of the Flintix bloodline!” she gestured to Milintica who was staring at everyone with wide eyes. He was spelled. Or poisoned. Or something. “Now, normally, we would burn him at the stake-” beside him, he heard Eliana muffle a gasp and place her hand over her mouth. “But, I’ve decided to do things differently this time around.” A malicious smile crept its way onto Lamia’s beautiful face.

            “This time, I am going to torture this Flintix member until he gives me the information of every. Single. One. Of his remaining family members. Then, I will burn him at the stake. Get a good look at this member-or should I say heir to throne. Because the next time you see him, he will be alongside his family members; burning.” She turned on her heel and walked away.

            Eliana’s eyes were wide and tears were freely falling down her face now. “We have to go and save him now.” She forced out, rising to her feet. Demetri took a second to comprehend the situation and her actions; when he finally did, he yanked her back. “What are you doing?!” she demanded, giving him a death glare that would probably scare any man if he didn’t grow up with Andromeda. “That’s my brother there, we can’t just leave him.”

            “We can. And we will.” He stated firmly. “If we go right now, we are signing up for a suicide mission-and cutting Lamia’s work for her in half.” He stated, once he saw the crowd start to shift he grabbed Eliana’s forearm and dragged her in the center of the crowd. “We’re going. Now.” He hissed, moving so they were walking diagonally from one another. He continuously looked back to make sure that she wasn’t doing anything stupid and actually try to break her brother out.

            They needed to get back to Andromeda and fast.



            Milintica was dragged back into his cell once his legs finally gave out on him. Lamia was right, this poison was going to slowly make its through his system. And it was a painful process indeed. The light hurt his eyes, anything that was too hot or too cold burned, and he was beginning to lose feeling in his legs. Well, he had lost feelings in his legs. What was the last step? The mind going? That was probably it. Then after that, he’d go ballistic. Which was what Lamia was hoping for: a reason to kill him publicly without his family there to watch him suffer.

            “You’re the devil, you know that?” he hissed at Lamia’s shadow as she neared. Was his eyesight going as well? He had to squint to see her face.

            She chuckled. “I’m just trying to rid the world of the Flintix. If anything, I’m a savior.” She said simply, and he wished that he could wipe that smirk off of her demonic face. “Now, where’s the rest of your family.”

            “I’m the only one.” He lied smoothly, trying to maintain eye contact. It was getting harder and harder for his eyes to focus. When she shot him a disbelieving glance before he chuckled dryly. “What happened to the three bloodlines being all in this together?” he demanded, “We were supposed to support one another! Not tear everyone down!” he snarled, feeling the rage bubble up inside of him; his family was dead because of her betrayal.

            Lamia looked at him, a very bored look on her face. “I know that there’s someone else out there.” She narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “Hestia always did want a baby girl, she had one didn’t she?  I’m fairly sure she gave birth to one, she was a big as a whale last time I saw her.” She tapped her chin. “I don’t remember finding a baby girl corpse.” She looked at Milintica. “Where is your little sister?”

            “She died. The only reason why you didn’t get a corpse is because those loyal followers of yours ate her.” He said slowly and evenly, like he was trying to blink back the tears. For effect-though it happened mainly because trying to relive the memories brought physical tears to his eyes. Lamia continued to watch him with careful eyes before breaking out into laughter. “What?” she asked.

            “Your father always did say that you were a horrible liar.” She snapped her fingers and the ones who had administered the poisoned appeared on either side of her. “I want you both to cleanse him. Get rid of old poison. Let’s try the new stuff.” She commanded, simply waving her hand. When he looked up with wide eyes, he saw her smirk as he heard footsteps coming towards his cell.

            Milintica, who had no energy to fight, tried pushing himself as far away from them as possible but it didn’t work. Two guards came, pulled him up by his forearms and then dragged out of the room. He tried his best to struggle out of their iron grip but he could only feel the remainder of his energy leaving him. Even breathing had become hard at this point. It felt as if he had someone sitting down on his chest and they continued to place weights on their lap.

            When they threw him down on the surgical bed a gust of air entered his lungs, he thanked his stars. Being strapped down wasn’t a pleasant thing however. “Don’t worry.” He heard one of the “nurses” purr. She began to hook him up to everything: a blood bag and an IV. “It’ll be over soon.” The “nurse” was pretty in a sense. Long carroty red hair, not at all like his family’s fire red hair. She had really light olive skin and cat eyes. Literally. He would have been staring if he wasn’t strapped to a surgical bed, and if she wasn’t assisting in the death of his family. Andromeda always said that his timing with women was horrible. Andromeda being a prime example of that.

            He didn’t realize that he allowed his mind to wander until he felt a pinch in his left forearm. When the “nurse” pulled away he saw that she had a needle. With his blood in the syringe. Well, what looked like his blood; it a really dark red-darker than how his blood normally looked. It looked almost black. “Looks like the poison did a number on you, didn’t it?” she said, chuckling as she set the needle down on a table.

            Before Milintica had the option to plan a possible escape plan, then he saw the “nurse” inject something into his IV drip. “W-What is that?” he demanded.

            “Anesthesia.” She answered cheerfully, giving him a smile that sent chills running up and down his spine. “We want you to be as asleep as you can get. Screams bother the doctor.”

            Milintica saw black dots dance around in his vision before his eyelids grew heavy and he fell asleep.


The End

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