Chapter 4Mature

Demetrius walked into the rather stuffy home. Naturally, it was empty, made sense. Most of them had the tendency to find out when they were in trouble with the Queen and often hid. People talk. A sigh left his lips and he gestured to the small group of knights to surround the perimeter. It annoyed him that Lamia insisted on having a group of knights back him up. He was an assassin, he preferred the company of his siblings rather than strangers who looked at him as Lamia’s little puppet. He slowly walked around the house, searching for any signs that they had been here recently. Or that they were just hiding in the area. As he walked through, Demetri figured that they were gone or just really good at hiding. He sighed, actually happy that they were not home; he didn’t want to kill anyone today. It was a nice day, why tarnish it with a brutal murder? 

He slowly walked out of the house, peering outside and giving a very annoyed, “They’re not here. Let’s go.” The knights slowly made their way towards him, going back to their formation. The formation he hated. They did this awkward kind of triangle where he was the center and it was weird and made absolutely no sense to him, why a triangle? Wasn’t the normal formation a closed off square or something? There were too many gaps between the soldiers. It made him nervous, though he was more than capable of taking care of himself. Then again, it was probably better that they were as far away from as possible, his magic had the tendency to get volatile. As he looked at the formation, his eyes narrowed when he saw that someone was missing. “Hey, where is this one guy?” he pointed a finger at the empty space; he didn’t bother to learn names. It was far too much work and he ended up with new dunderheads to command anyways.

Everyone looked at one another and shrugged. He held in a scoff. Stupid. “Stay here.” He commanded, pushing past some of them and walking around the house. They were all stupid and he absolutely hated working with them, but Lamia insisted, wanting to protect one of her strongest assets in actually keeping the entire kingdom calm. He just preferred working alone, that way he wouldn’t have to be seen as the Queen’s puppet, and a merciless killer. Often he had heard of the rumors of how he had slammed his hand into someone’s chest, pulled their heart out, smiled, cleaned off his hand and walked away. Sadly, what had happened was not even close to the rumors that were being spread around were nowhere near the actual story. Nor did he want to relive the story.

A soft wail pulled him out of his thoughts. A child? He thought numbly, prepared to murder the knight who dared lay a hand on a child. Demetri made it very clear to Lamia and everyone that children were not responsible for the actions of their parents and therefore were off-limits in the area of punishment. Another soft wail and very a feminine scent filled his senses. He looked up and saw a banana tree. Odd. Another wail and then a putrid stink slapped him in the face. He gagged and pulled his shirt over his nose.

Demetri walked around the corner and almost lost his lunch. A Pontianak? Well, he found out where the knight had gone. The poor soul was on his back, with his armor ripped open as well as his stomach. The Pontianak had her long pin straight black hair draping over the corpse as she fed on his innards. When he looked over he saw that his manhood was gone, torn from his body; he did not want to know what she did with that. It was odd behavior of a Pontianak, since they only ripped out sexual organs when scorned by a male. Just as Demetri was starting to slowly back away, trying to figure out a good way to kill the poor thing-or tell Lamia and have her handle it, the Pontianak lifted her beautiful head and turned its attention on him. His eyes widened as he saw the rather disturbing sight. She was the definition of gorgeous, and if she wasn’t a murderous ghost, he’d definitely sleep with her. Her hair framed her pale face beautifully and she wore a long white dress that was about as pale as her skin. The Pontianak looked at him, with the knight’s blood dripping down her lips and grinned.

All the color drained out of his face and he tried to move but found himself rooted to the spot out of pure fear. He didn’t know how to dispose of one and he faintly remembered that the Pontianak’s prey happened to be easily seduced men and pregnant women. I’m fucked. He thought unhappily. Despite the blood dripping down her lips and chin that stained the white gown, she still looked gorgeous, and he wasn’t sure if it was similar to the succubus method, they just had an air to them that inexplicably pulled people in. After a few seconds, he finally took his eyes off of her face, focusing on the corpse. That could be me and I refuse to die today. His foot finally budged an inch and within seconds he had broken into a sprint, wanting to place as much distance from him and the Pontianak as possible. It was obvious the knights had come to check and he found himself releasing a large wave of scalding hot water in their general direction. The majority of the knights shot back or was burned by the water and were now laying on the floor writhing in pain. This was going to be the only time he’d save their asses. Demetri had focused his attention on the knights and hadn’t realized that the Pontianak had closed in on him. His attention shot back the ghost-vampire hybrid when it took him off his feet and slammed him into the ground.

“You’ll make a wonderful desert,” she hissed into his ear, and the scent of death filled his nostrils once again. Demetri’s eyes watered at the stench and he choked down a gag-he figured that it wouldn’t help his case if he gagged at her scent. What was a good way to subdue these things? Without really thinking, he was thinking of a good way to at least trap the thing so they’d get help. He felt the Pontianak’s nails trail his abs and his mind went back to the deceased knight just a few yards away. He knew that water wouldn’t really help him-which sucked due to the fact that Diarmuids were known for their water-oriented powers. Or well, liquid based. He thought of the blood and everything clicked.

He wiggled his fingers and tried to imagine the blood molecules boiling, moving around in the knight’s corpse. God, he felt horrible, the guy died a horrible death and Demetri pulling out of all of the blood in his system probably didn’t help. Demetri yanked his arm free of the Pontianak’s arms, managing to swerve away from her frighteningly sharp nails just as the blood wrapped itself around her and pulled her away from him. He was soaked in blood and so was she. He took a few deep breaths, preferring the smell of iron to the smell of death. She was trashing around while the blood pinned her to the ground. Demetri looked over to see one of the knights standing next to him holding an iron nail. He kept his mouth shut, the knight slammed the nail into her neck. Before he had the chance to see what happened after, Demetri spun around on his heel and walked back to the castle, desperately wanting a bath before the blood dried and make it that much harder to wash off.


“Demetri!” Lamia greeted, throwing her arms up in the air as she gracefully stood up. Demetri was nicely showered and thankfully, he had gotten all of the blood off of him-and his clothes-yet, he still felt dirty. And seeing Lamia would be help this feeling go away at all. He smoothly avoided her as she went to give him a quick peck on the cheek. “Someone’s in a bad mood, what’s wrong my love?” she asked, reaching out to him to touch his shoulder tenderly. He flinched away, obviously annoyed. She frowned, reaching for him again only to have him grab her wrist and pull it away from him.

“You knew, didn’t you?” Demetri snarled. It was one thing if she didn’t tell him that someone had guards, he could deal with those without a problem, but a murderous monster that couldn’t really be stopped, or killed. That was something he had an issue with, Demetri liked keeping deaths to a minimum despite him being an assassin, and he wanted to keep innocent blood from being spilt. That knight, as horrible as he probably was, he didn’t deserve to die like that. When Lamia shot him a feigned look of confusion, his anger boiled-and he normally didn’t get angry easily. “As still as the water.” Was what his father always said. “Don’t give me that look Lamia.” He hissed, trying not to gain the attention of her annoying court. “You knew that thing was going to be there! We were left completely unprepared and I lost a knight because of you!” by now, everyone in the court was staring, it didn’t help that his voice had jumped in volume.

She rolled her eyes. “One knight. The rest of them are just slightly burned due to what you have done. What does it matter if one knight dies? They are simply pawns, it is us who matter.” She grinned and in that moment, if she wasn’t the Queen, Demetri could have slapped her.

“The point was that you continue to use them as pawns and nothing else!” he snarled. “You can’t just send your men in unprepared-that’s the problem. They are people, and the more you treat your subjects with such little regard to their lives then you aren’t a queen. You’re a dictator.” He snapped, feeling all of his anger slowly leave his system. When he finally came to his senses, he saw that Lamia was giving him a rather dark glare.

She took a deep breath. “I don’t know where you get the gall to talk to your Queen like that, but you are not irreplaceable Demetrius. There are plenty other assassins that can easily take your place.” By now everyone was staring and he could hear all of the murmuring that her court was doing.

Demetri let go of her hand and turned on his heel, scoffing, “Yeah? I’m the only Diarmuid crazy enough to help you in your demented conquest to show that you’re the best out of the three houses.” He started to walk away and he knew that he had made his point. “Have fun trying to find one. Oh yeah! That’s right, you got them killed too!” He took a few more deep breaths, telling himself that Lamia had actually tried to replace him, but his entire family had either fled Loretannia to get away from her or they were dead. No one was insane enough to actually do the job-then again, neither was Demetri, he was just one of the more skilled assassins that could do it and make sure that his family was safe. Well, the small remainder of his family.

He found himself wandering into the local bar. It felt as if all he had done this week was drink. Then again, he had several reasons to go and drink his nights away. Lamia continued to not tell him about the specifics of every mission and getting him or everyone in trouble. It deeply bothered him. It wasn’t hard to tell someone of the information that was necessary to make sure that no one died. As he took his usual seat on the bar, he chuckled bitterly to himself. This was what one of the greatest houses in Loretannia; the houses that held huge balls in the castle and sand victory songs around the fire after a battle, he had been degraded to drinking bitterly at a bar.

After a few minutes of sitting there and wallowing in his misery, he finally ordered a drink. Once he waved down the bartender, he had a drink placed in front of him. “I didn’t order yet.” He stated, the bartender shrugged and gestured to someone on the other side of the bar. Demetri looked over, faintly seeing a blonde talking to one of the other bartenders, then back to the drink. A Banshee. One of his favorite drinks to get girls. He looked over and saw the blonde make eye contact, smirk and raise her drink slightly. He smiled, nodded then tipped his head back and drank his drink; saying that he appreciated the drink.

It was a good thing that she wasn’t too bad on the eyes. She had curly blonde hair that fell just below her shoulders, even from the distance and the dim lighting in the bar, he could see piercing blue eyes. He gestured for her to come and take the empty seat next to him. She obviously giggled, shaking her head; then with her plump pink lips, she mouthed, “Come here” then pointed to the seat beside her. She had a large smile on her face and then turned her attention the bartender and ordered another drink. She was fairly good looking, and by the looks of things, every other guy wanted her as well. Demetri didn’t move until he noticed a guy walk up to her, obviously starting to flirt with her.

He found himself walking over to her. “Hey babe.” He said gruffly, trying to emanate that this girl already belonged to him. She looked at him, amused, but obviously went along with his ruse. He placed a gentle kiss on her head-cherry. Her hair smelled like cherry. “Who’s this?” he asked, as if not realizing that the rather muscled man was there. Demetri looked up flippantly, looking rather bored.

“He’s a friend.” She answered, gently placing a tender hand on his forearm. “Right?” she looked up at the muscled boy with rather flirtatious eyes, but he backed down either way. As her other suitor sulked away, she turned to Demetri, a small scowl on her lips. “I could have handled that, you know.” she huffed. He chuckled and sat down next to her. “Did you like the drink?” she asked casually, resting her chin on her palm and looking up at him with a flirtatious grin on her lips.

Demetri found himself grinning. “I have a feeling you could have, but it’s in my nature to save any damsel from a dragon.” He cleared his throat, “The drink was fine-it’s not my preferred drink to get; but thank you. It certainly got my attention.” He answered, resting his arms on the table, wondering how he managed to catch her eye. Certainly she didn’t find sulking to be on her list of sexy attributes when searching for someone to sleep with. Then again, his sister used to joke that some women found brooding to be a rather sexy attribute. He mentally shrugged, “So, what brings you to Loretannia? I haven’t seen you around here before.” After inspecting her eyes, he realized that they weren’t blue, but a crystal blue with green flecks. From a certain angle, they almost looked like a cat’s eyes.

She smiled. “My older brother has some business in town.” She replied slowly. “He’s busy right now though and I decided to check out the bar scene.” She shrugged, gently swirling her drink. “Thought I’d check out all of the faces.”

He raised an eyebrow. “How are you liking the bar scene?” he questioned, searching for a bartender. He smirked slightly when one caught his eye and nodded, already working their way towards them.

Her eyes glanced at him before searching for other faces in the crowd. “I suppose you’ll have to wait until the end of the night for my decision.” She responded, biting her bottom lip as she pulled her drink closer to lips before taking a drink. “I’m Eliana by the way.” She said, extending her hand.

Demetri smiled. “Beautiful name for an equally beautiful girl. I’m Demetri.” He stated, shaking her hand.

“Oh, I know who you are.” She said, chuckling slightly. He raised an eyebrow at her. “Your reputation precedes you.” His eyebrow didn’t budge. “The bartender gave me a bit of crap for giving you a drink.” She added, chuckling slightly. “Said something about how I’ll just be another name on your list.” She waved it off and Demetri made a mental note to kill the bartender later. “But when I told him that you’ll probably end up being another name on mine, he shut up.”

Well, he was a little dumbfounded; the bartender was notorious for ruining any possible one night stands. And he was often adamant in making sure that no one who wanted any form of sexual activity got any that night. Or any night. Demetri was sure that he thought it was funny or it was something that kept him busy. Or maybe he was just a bonafide douchebag. Either or. “I suppose it’s about time that someone shut him up.”

Eliana raised an eyebrow, an amused look on her face. “Am I to assume he does this all the time?” she questioned, lightly tapping her fingernails on the table. Demetri nodded and she threw her head back and laughed. “Loretannia is an interesting place, isn’t it?” she questioned just as another man came up to her table. Just before the guy got a word out, she took Demetri’s hand and asked, “Hey, do you know anywhere private where we can go?”

He raised an eyebrow but nodded, not feeling sorry for the poor guy at all. It took him a second to reply, he wasn’t sure where a good place to take her was. There were rooms upstairs-specific for that reason only-but he was fairly certain that if he took her up there, she’d give him a disgusted look and walk away. His apartment was a nice enough place; and if she was here for business, he’d never see her again. He squeezed her hand and smiled. “Yeah, I know a place.” He stated, giving the man a sideways glance before standing up and rising to his feet. As the two of them began to walk away, he chuckled, “What happened to handling it?”

“Well, why handle it when I have someone here who saves the damsel from a dragon?” she said, grinning innocently. “And besides, I don’t think you want to see me protect myself.” She quickly added.

“Is it an absolute horrible mess?” she didn’t answer and he decided to leave it at that.


When they got to his apartment, Eliana’s eyes widened. “Wow, nice place.” She said, looking around. He nodded. It wasn’t really huge. And because of his lifestyle, it wasn’t lived in. His couch was still stiff, the television had a thick layer of dust on it. His fridge had very little food, and most of his pots and pans weren’t touched-some still sat in their boxes. The only thing that was touched were the things in his room: his bed was partially made, his drawers were partially open; he could hear a constant stream of water painfully dripping in his shower.

“It all looks, kind of… new.” She said straining to find the words.

“Yeah…” he began slowly, scratching the back of his head nervously. “My field doesn’t really allow to me to enjoy life.” He said, taking her hand and leading her into his bedroom. She giggled softly.

Without a second thought, he spun her around and pressed her lips against hers. He didn’t hesitate in taking her dress off and letting it pool around her ankles. “I was kind of hoping that you’d do that.” She mumbled, pulling away. He raised an eyebrow, just as she kicked off her heels, shrinking down to her actual height. “Your sister was good.” She said.

Demetri had to do a double take. “Wait-what? You talked to my sister?” she nodded in reply. “What the hell? Who are you? Andromeda could have asked me if she needed something. She didn’t have to send a messenger!” he said, gesturing to the blonde-the very attractive blonde-that stood in front of him in her underwear-her very seductive underwear. Dammit. Dammit. Andromeda played me like a toy. He cursed his sister to the depths of hell. Demetri hated it when Andromeda did this to him. Actually, a better term for what Andromeda did was “despise”.

Eliana giggled. “I have something to show you.” she stated, leaning against one of his favorite chairs. It was a black ball chair, with a black leather, there was a special dock where he could place his phone and listen to music while he read. It swirled and he adored that chair. It was one of the few things in his home that were used, that had his imprint on it.

“What…?” he asked slowly. Demetri mentally began start any bargaining if it meant his chair was safe and well.

She spun the chair around before plopping inside of it. He waited patiently as she said, “Nasitefier.” The next thing that happened was the smell of burning leather. She turned around and he stopped himself from flinching. It was a classic Flintix aspect. Eliana’s natural body was gone, but instead was her covered in flames; it was as if she was made of flames. The flames hugged her curves, covered her face. She looked at him with a bright smile. “We need your help.”

What came out of his mouth wasn’t really a very masculine noise. It was a cross between a squeak and a hysterical shriek. “That was my favorite chair!” he cried, not caring about the fact that he had a Flintix in his apartment. “What the hell?” he exclaimed. Obviously his priorities were a little skewed.

Eliana looked at him, incredulously before slowly saying, “Oops…?” 

The End

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