Chapter 3Mature

Andromeda was exhausted. The past few days have been absolutely exhausting, she had been running around from town to town to town searching for a specific ingredient to fix up her house after the last concoction had somehow exploded, leaving her with a house to fix and lots and lots of potion residue to clean up. Sadly, cleaning up after her own messes was something she was not an expert in; but she did know how to do it via spell. She just needed that ingredient: the root of the Celosia flower. It didn’t grow anywhere else but in the small town of Aegis, but sadly, instead of being told that, she was told that it was sold in every other town but Aegis. Andromeda finally found the flower after she underwent trial after trial to get the flower, only to realize that the flower she had done so much for was the wrong flower.

Now, she was home and all she wanted to do was sleep. If only sleep came that easily when one’s bed was caked in potion residue. After she peeled off her covers and tossed them in the hamper with the rest of the potion covered items, then plopped onto her bed. Just as all of her muscles were beginning to relax, there was a frantic pounding at her door. Was it Milintica? Dear god she hoped not. She was not ready to handle any of his emotional problems right now, or was she ready to have any physical contact. Then again, Milintica never really pounded her front door frantically.

After a minute of praying that they’d assume that no one was home and would go away, she forced herself to her feet; feeling her muscles protest. “I’m coming!” she snapped, grumbling some incoherent words to herself. When she opened the door, she expected to see some frantic, lost traveler terrified by the beasts in the forest, but instead, she saw a blonde girl, a few years younger than her, with her hair in a mess, dirt and bruises on her face. She was about ready to slam the door in her face until she saw her eyes. They were a blue green, but despite that, they reminded her of Milintica’s eyes. “Eliana?” she said incredulously.

“M-Mili told me that you can help me.” She panted, her eyes wide and obviously afraid. “Please, help. Th-They took him.” Eliana looked absolutely exhausted and in pain. When Andromeda moved to herd her inside, she jerked back and then passed out.

Andromeda cursed. “For the love of Diarmuid.” She mumbled, rubbing her temples. She looked around, making sure that no one was around before she held had out her hands and muttered, “Aklaiden.” And watched as the girl slowly rose maybe five feet of the ground. Andromeda waved her hand and gently set her down on her sofa. “Now, to figure out what’s wrong with you.” She grumbled, kneeling. Andromeda held out her hands with her palms facing down and started to chant softly.

Ouch. Andromeda thought, seeing the bruises and the burns and the electrical damage that was done from someone casting a very powerful spell. She started to hum softly, feeling her magic do its thing and heal her ever so slightly. It wasn’t going to completely heal her, but it would at least take the pain away and speed the healing process up-which should have been doing that already. When she was done, Andromeda decided to get something to prepare some tea and figure out what was happening.

Milintica had been taken. That was simple enough. But how and what had happened? He had always been very careful and always did things to ensure that they were safe. She knew that. After a few seconds, she frowned. He often told her that Eliana was defiant, and didn’t listen; it would make sense that she did something. Either way, she needed to get him out. Lamia would easily kill Milintica without a second thought, especially upon knowing that he was one of the last in the Flintix line.

What happened to the three houses? They all lived in harmony, all of them. The Flintixs, the Diarmuids, and the Bacias. She sighed, pushing back some of her dark brown hair. It was because everyone got power hungry. The Diarmuids became the family that was well-known for being able to kill someone without hesitating, the Flintixs became the royal family-well, they had always been the royal family. Lastly, was the Bacias, there was only one left, and that was Lamia. The Bacias had become power crazy, they wanted to move on from the bottom to the top. So, she rallied up some bottom feeders and killed off bits and pieces of the Diarmuids, the Flintixs.

Andromeda thought that Lamia let some of them live for a specific reason, just so she could gloat. Well, that’s what she thought when she let some of the Diarmuids live, when Lamia demanded that some of her family members become her personal assassins. “Where am I?” Eliana asked, slowly sitting up. Andromeda quickly poured her a cup of tea and went over to her. She handed her the cup and sat down.

“Drink it, it should help the soreness.” Andromeda told her, Eliana looked at her warily before taking a very reluctant sip of the tea. “You’ll get used to the taste. Now, what happened?” she asked, still trying to piece together what had happened to Milintica. Eliana took a deep breath, pushing back some of her hair behind her ear and started to talk.

Once she had finished her explanation Andromeda had sunk into the sofa. “You do realize what this means, right?” she questioned the blonde. Eliana looked at her and shook her head. “You gave Lamia the right to crucify him in front of everyone.” She mumbled, already picturing how Lamia would tarnish the Flintix name.

Eliana’s blue green eyes widened. “What?! No! We have to get him back. He-He…” she trailed furiously wiping at her eyes to push the tears back. “Milintica didn’t do anything. He’s Mili, he hates hurting people.” She breathed shakily, not really meeting Andromeda’s eyes. “If he gets put up there as the bad guy, Lamia will have a really hard time doing that.”

Andromeda shrugged. “She got people to kill your family. She can create him into becoming the bad guy.” She told her blatantly. Lamia was a lot of things, sadly, being persistent and very good with her words, was one of them. After a quick inspection, Andromeda frowned. Best not to swarm her with too much information at the moment. She hadn’t done the big sister thing in a while, so she wasn’t really sure what to say at this point. Awkwardly, Andromeda leaned over and squeezed her knee. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up? The bathroom is down the hall, second door on the left, I’ll get you some clothes.” They were about the same size, right? She started to get up.

Eliana looked at her. “What about Mili?” she demanded, trying to jump onto her feet. In a minute, she dropped back into her seat like a dead weight. “Bad idea.” She said, sounding as if she was in a daze. Eliana rested her hand on her head and slowly leaned against the back of the sofa.

“Take your time. It might take me a while to find some clothes that might fit.” Andromeda stated, biting down a chuckle. “Finish the tea. It actually does help. Once you’re done with your shower, I might have some food for you.” If I’m done cleaning up my room. She added mentally. Andromeda gently patted her blonde head and went into to her room.


After about an hour or two, Andromeda started dinner. She didn’t really know what she liked or didn’t like, so she played it safe and went with barley soup. While that started to cook, she sighed and decided to try and contact her brother. After all, he was one of Lamia’s best assassins. She got a wooden bowl and filled it up with water. She held her hand out, palms facing upwards and started to mentally visualize her brother.

“What do you want?” a voice said, the water bubbling as he spoke. He sounded grumpy. She figured that she caught him at a bad time. Probably had a girl in his room. “You have the worst timing in the world.” Definitely had a girl in his room.

She chuckled.  “I need you to come over. Like now. We have an issue.” She said, hoping that her brother would listen to her for once. There was an unhappy sigh. “Or maybe when you’re done sleeping with that floozy.”

“No need to be rude. I’ll see if I can get there soon. I have business to attend.” That was a lie. The next thing she heard was the awkward gurgle of water which only meant that he had cut the connection. Andromeda let out a frustrated groan. Why must he make everything so damn difficult? She knew that she wasn’t going to have her brother come to her house without some form of external use.

Her mind wandered to Eliana. He did always like blondes. No! That was not a good idea. Eliana was coping with her brother’s kidnapping, and being tortured. She was not going to put her through that. That was not going to be an option. Andromeda would have to go and drag her brother back by his ears-which was fun admittedly. She sighed, “But that would mean that I’d have to leave her alone. That’s a worse idea.” Her house would be left unprotected, then Lamia could find her, well, could find Eliana. They could both go into the village, but Eliana might attract attention-she was still wanted after all.

“Something on your mind?” Eliana’s soft voice knocked her out of her thoughts. She looked over at the younger girl and saw that she was wearing some of Andromeda’s older clothes-she did fit-and was drying her hair with a towel. “Can I do anything to help?” when Andromeda attempted to wave her away, Eliana shot her a glare. “I can help.”

Andromeda shook her head, “I’m not going to ask you to do that.” She stated, placing the food on the table. “I made soup, I figured it’d be easier to eat.” She added.

“Well, you never know whether or not I’ll say no to the idea. So, explain it to me.” Eliana challenged, plopping down into an empty seat. She shot her a challenging look before raising her eyebrow. Andromeda shook her head and sat down but Eliana continued. “If I have to do something that you won’t think I’d do in order to get Mili back, you’re wrong. I’ll do anything.” She asserted, making eye contact. She is very much like a Flintix. Andromeda thought dryly.

“I’m not going to ask you do that.” Andromeda stated. “I will just find a way to get him over here.” She grumbled, forcing food into her mouth. Maybe if she just continued to stuff her face, and ignore Eliana’s rants, she’ll stop. If only things were that easy.

Eliana scoffed. “This is my brother.” She said slowly. “I will do anything to get him back. Now, tell me your plan.”

Andromeda chuckled. “You certainly do have the Flintix fire. Just like your parents and your brother.” The blonde paled slightly. She could hear her words that were caught in her throat, “You knew my parents?” Andromeda yawned, wanting to finish her soup. “I will tell you the plan and anything you want to know about your family after dinner.” She held up her bowl of soup.

She pouted before falling against the back of her chair. “Fine.” She mumbled, before unhappily eating her soup. “Is this plan at least a good plan?” she questioned.

Andromeda decided not to answer, instead, she said, “Soup. The soup is really good, don’t you think?” she raised an eyebrow and waited for Eliana to nod or do something. Patience was always a problem with Milintica, she supposed that he passed the trait down onto Eliana. Then again, it was a continuous family trait. Oh Hestia, give me strength. And I apologize for putting your daughter in danger. She thought, finishing her soup and getting another bowl.

Eliana seemed to have finished her food. When she saw Andromeda reach for the ladle, she let out a groan. “Come on! Milintica is sitting in a cell by now, and you’re sitting here, eating soup.”

“You drink soup.”

“Tell me the damn plan.”

“Enjoy my soup first and then I’ll tell you the plan.” Andromeda said, trying to keep her temper even. She forgot what it was like to babysit someone who didn’t want to be there. No, she forgot what it was like to babysit a child.

“Or you can just tell me the damn plan.”

She sighed, trying not to think of the water molecules in the soup boiling. Andromeda took a deep breath. “Or you can enjoy the soup, relax, heal, and I will tell you.” Eliana opened her mouth to say more, but her stomach growled. “Will you look at that? Even your stomach is telling you to enjoy the damn soup.” Andromeda said, raising her hand and watching as some of the soup became a floating bowl and plopped into Eliana’s bowl, getting it everywhere. When she heard the blonde gasp and jump out of her seat, Andromeda smirked and raised her eyebrow. 

The End

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