Chapter 2Mature

Eliana always ran to the beat of her own drum. Which always made it impossible for her and Milintica to get along. They were too alike, yet at the same time, far too different. This was one of these instances where they were far too different to be in the same room. She wanted to go investigate now, while the gossip was still fresh, but Milintica wanted to wait. Once she heard Milintica enter his room, she waited a few minutes before sneaking out through her window and jogging into the forest. She would be back by the morning, she had done this several times before, at least, to get food to save Milintica the worry of having to do it himself. He worried about every little detail-which was a good thing given their situation, but she saw the toll it took on him. He rarely got any sleep when he did, then his nightmares would come back; she’d ask him about it, but he didn’t want to relive the night he lost practically everyone.

            Part of Eliana was glad that she never got the chance to actually get to know her family. She didn’t have to worry about missing them like her brother did, she didn’t have to worry about any memories that might have been created, nor did she have to worry about which night she’d be forced to relieve their deaths. The other part, wished that she at least had one memory of her parents. She wanted to know if she looked like her mother or her father more, she wanted to know whose temper she had acquired; she wanted to know that and more. Sadly, not even Milintica could provide that much information, he was only nine when it all happened. She figured that he didn’t have much to tell-or if he did, he was starting to forget. Either way, she wasn’t going to learn much about her family. She spent several sleepless nights imagining how her family would interact with her, she figured that she’d be teased for being the only female member to have blonde hair. Would she have had a younger sibling if her parents had stayed alive? She’d never know.

She did know that most of the women in the family had red hair, any direct member of the Flintix line had a name that related to fire. She had curly-or wavy, depending on the day-blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders, a pale complexion, and blue-green eyes. The only thing that made her stand out as a Flintix, according to Milintica was her hair. Her name had several meanings, but what seemed to fit the Flintix pattern was, “daughter of the sun”. Her brother said it fit her personality and looks, she didn’t see it when it came to her personality, the sun was bright and warm and inviting, and she couldn’t visualize herself being anything like that.

Eliana was eighteen, but somehow, the forest during the night always managed to scare the living hell out of her. It wasn’t like what a forest should look like in the middle of the night: dark. This forest was covered in trees that canopied over moon, giving the entire forest an odd blue-ish, green tint, something that just sent chills up and down her spine. She also knew that she didn’t know exactly what lurked in the forest during the night, she knew what was around during the day, but during the night? Eliana just knew to sprint out of the forest as fast as possible. And as silent as she could be. She didn’t care that she was tired, that she could take her time and still be back by the morning, she wanted to be in the town now.

Most of the people of Loretannia seemed to live rather nocturnally. Yes, people would go outside during the day, they weren’t vampires, but they all knew that Loretannia’s night life was far more interesting than its life during the day. They were more awake somehow, they would run around cheering, the parties, and everyone was less guarded-partially due to the fact that they’d all be drunk with rum, wine, whiskey. She knew where she had to go, so there wasn’t much of a need to aimlessly wander around the town in hopes that someone would find her.

Once she got there, she let sighed softly, glad that she managed to avoid suspicious eyes. “Where’s your brother?” a voice questioned, making her jump slightly. Stupid back alley meetings. She tried to get a good look at her helper, but they hissed, quickly turning around. “Don’t look-only he’s allowed to look at me!” This wasn’t new. Most of the time, they only trusted Milintica because he was a face they had seen since he was a child. Some of their supporters thought that Eliana had died the night her family was killed, so they were always skeptical. “What do you need? More supplies?” they asked her hastily.

This was odd. Normally, they were at least calm when she talked to them. “We have enough to get us through a few more days, thank you.” Eliana replied slowly and calmly. "That’s not why I’m here.” She added quickly, trying to see if her eyes would adjust to the dark alley. They normally did, this time, they weren’t, all she could see at the moment were silhouettes, and that scared her. “I wanted to know why there were knights in the forest today.” She stated calmly, trying to seem oblivious to the fact that her senses were practically useless. What would Milintica do? She thought, trying to visualize what he’d do in a situation like this one. Keep calm, get the information, and get out of there as quickly as possible without a fight.

“Knights? We haven’t heard anything.” There. A slight rise in her voice’s pitch.

“Who are you?” Eliana demanded, glaring at the figure, trying to figure out how they looked. No answer. “Anafistier.” She hissed, a flame appearing on her hand. What she saw next made her gasp shortly before biting her tongue in fear of aggravating her. It was a Kelpie, well, not her true form. But still a Kelpie. Her black hair covered her face and she was soaking wet. She had a greenish complexion, she wore a white dress that clung to her skin. Underneath the Kelpie’s hair was a pair of burning red eyes. Kelpies weren’t supposed to look like this. “What happened to you?” Eliana asked, her breath caught in her throat.

The girl tilted her head, chills ran down Eliana’s back. She could physically feel the demented smile on her face. “I placed my trust on you and your brother.” In a matter of seconds, the girl threw her head back and let out an ear shattering shriek. “A Flintix! A Flintix! She hurt me.” She threw herself in front of the fireball that idly sat on Eliana’s hand, she pressed her stomach to her hand, another shriek. “Help! She’s killing me!” she shrieked, crumpling to the ground, ragged sobs leaving her lips. She had been set up.

Eliana stood there frozen for a second before she heard several footsteps running in their direction. She forced herself to move, breaking into a sprint, leaving the alley before anyone could come. Just as she turned the corner, two large men came out of nowhere, stopping her. She stopped herself short before running in the opposite direction. Eliana roughly weaved through the crowd, not caring that she had caused several people to fall. The forest. She could make it if she headed into the forest. Why didn’t she listen to Milintica?!

Her pursuers were getting closer and closer, she could hear it. She didn’t want to use her powers, she didn’t want to solidify the fact that they were alive by using her powers. The second she heard the sound of grass crunching underneath the sole of her combat boots, a quick sigh left her lips. She’d be able to get home or find a beast and have that rip her pursuers’ bodies to shreds. Just as she pushed past two branches that were practically glued together, she had to stop and close her eyes. Daybreak. Eliana took a deep breath, she placed her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. “Need to keep moving.” She panted, straightening up.

Just as she was about to move forward a jolt of electricity slammed into her lower back. She let out a cry and dropped to the ground, her entire body struggling against the electric shocks coursing through her body. Eliana couldn’t scream, her throat had become dry and the only way for her to show that she was in clear pain was her wide blue green eyes. She tried to force herself to her feet, she had approximately five seconds before her pursuers would be there. The second she got back up to her feet another stronger shock coursed through her system, she shrieked before crumpling to the ground. “She’s pretty. She doesn’t look like a Flintix, she doesn’t have the red hair.” One of them bent over and touched her cheek, she tried to move away, but she felt another shock, she cried out and flipped away.

“Let’s take her back to Lamia. I’m sure she has something to prove that she’s a Flintix.” He rubbed her cheek with his thumb and was trying to take deep breaths in an attempt to get the pain to ebb away.

“Did you see the burns on that girl?” the second one said. “She’s definitely a Flintix. There’s no way someone could replicate those burns.” He pulled his leg back and slammed it into her rib cage, she heard the sound of bones crunching underneath his boot. She squeezed her eyes shut, a pained cry leaving her lips, when she opened her eyes again, she watched dots dance around in her vision. That was the definition of unnecessary. Eliana tried to move again, only to have a crippling shock slam into her body once again, she let out a weak whimper, just wanting to be taken to Lamia at this point, and not just be watched like they were currently doing.

Then, she heard it, one voice. A voice that was filled with so much anger and worry. A voice that she had heard all her life, her entire body relaxed the second she heard it. So many words ran through her mind as she continued to hear his voice. Help. Home. Brother. 

”Eliana!” He was looking for her. He was worried-and angry that she had disappeared. He had seen them and was sprinting towards her, the rage clear on his face. ““Anafistier!” He shouted, and she watched as balls of fire appeared on his hands.

The tears filled up her eyes quickly, she wanted to burst into a full sprint, crying his name, then just throw herself into his arms. She wanted to cry and tell him that she was a horrible younger sister and how sorry she was. But her body was unable to move without getting shocks running through her courses. “Milintica!” She managed to scream, her voice cracking. Shocks continuously ran up and down her body, she let out a series of shrieks, her nails digging into grass as she gasped for air. Eliana watched as her brother’s face contorted into something that she had never seen before, one of pure rage. She let out one more cry before falling to the ground unconscious.


Milintica saw Eliana drop to the ground unconscious with her body giving out spastic reactions to any lingering electric shocks that ran through her body. He started to see red. Without thinking, he stopped throwing fireballs at them that they kept dodging, knowing that he could do something worse. Something to make them feel just as horrible as his sister was feeling at the moment. Thankfully this one didn’t need a spell-shorthand or otherwise. He gripped both of their shoulders and let go.

The surge of energy felt better than it did eighteen years ago. Then, it felt as if all of his energy had been sucked out of him, now, he felt just a little drained, empowered. He didn’t feel weak at all. He still had left over power surging through him, the adrenaline continued to pump through his system. When he stopped seeing red, he looked down at Eliana. “M-Mili…” she said weakly, trying to sit up. Milintica knelt down and picked her up, careful not to touch her where her skin might have been tender from that spell that sent high powered electrical currents through her body. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled.

He quickly shushed her, praying that this was enough to teach her a lesson to listen to him. “Don’t worry about it.” He mumbled, occasionally taking deep breaths to get his breathing to even out. “Let’s just get you home and get you cleaned up.” He added softly, rising to his feet. When he started to walk, he heard an attempt at concealing a sniffle. “Does it hurt?” he asked stupidly.

Eliana shook her head, her blonde hair falling in front of her face. She quickly pushed it behind her ear. “I should have listened to you.” She mumbled, furiously wiping at her eyes. “I didn’t know why I didn’t.” he sighed, placing a rather parental peck on her head. “What was that for? You should be screaming at me.” She mumbled, in obvious pain. He forgot that he was a lot of things to Eliana: a brother, a father figure, a friend, her confidant, her only family.

Milintica shrugged. “I just don’t see the point. You’re clearly hurt and yelling at you isn’t necessary. If you did this again, then I’d be yelling.” A small chuckle. They were almost home, if he squinted his eyes he could see the disruption of trees where their house and where the glamor was. It was moments like this where he wished his mother was still around so when he brought Eliana home, she’d be the one to clean up and take care of his sister. He could have handled his father screaming at him for being irresponsible and allowing his sister to get hurt. In fact, that was what he was imagining while he carried Eliana.

He was suddenly thrown off his feet. Eliana flew out of his arms and she let out a shriek of surprise. “Milintica!” she cried, surging forward. An arrow had pierced leg, the arrow’s head poking out of the exit point. He was giving out small little hisses while he was curled into a ball. Whatever had shot the arrow was a high powered one to have had Milintica throw off his feet. “H-Hold on, I’ll get it out.” She said, her voice wavering.

When she reached for the arrow, he smacked her hand away. “N-No.” he stated. “Go.” He seethed, her eyes widening. “They’re not very far and you can’t touch the arrow.” Her blue green eyes widened again. The arrow was poisoned, and it was the poison that could seriously harm one of the three houses of Loretannia.

“I’m not leaving you.” Eliana stated firmly. “I-I can fight them off.” Her voice was weak and unsure of herself. Milintica could feel his body start to go numb.

“Eliana go!” he growled, his crystal blue eyes no longer crystal blue. He was trying his absolute hardest to keep his human form as the poison coursed through his veins, trying to change his appearance, trying to affect his way of thinking. She jumped up and stared at his eyes which was now a coal black and looked somewhat demonic. “Find Andromeda. Go.”

She looked at him with wide eyes. “Who?”

His breathing was coming up short. “Nistfirr.” He hissed, watching as her eyes became blank for a second before she stared at him with wide eyes. “Now go.” She shook her head in an attempt to protest but he let out a growl. “Eliana Siobhan Flintix go!” He commanded, his voice sending shivers up and down her spine. She gave him one more fleeting look. “I’ll be fine.” He said softly, watching as her eyes filled with tears. Milintica gave her a small smile, without a second thought, she wrapped her arms around her brother’s shoulders, letting out a choked sob. “I’ll see you soon okay, Eli?”

She nodded before breaking into a sprint. “That’s a promise.” She said shakily.

He squeezed his eyes shut and prepared for the worst. “Where’s the girl?” a man asked, giving him a nudge-kick-with his boot.

“What girl?” Milintica questioned, forcing himself to his knees. He tried not imagining snapping their necks or just touching them and watch as their bodies lit up in flames. No, he wasn’t going to do that, because then that would only confirm that Eliana was out there.

The man looked at his friend who was walking over to them. “Release the dogs.” He commanded. Milintica’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to just light them all on fire but his friend ran up to him, pulling his head back and slamming into Milintica’s chin. He saw black before falling unconscious. 

The End

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