Chapter 1Mature

Eighteen Years Later           

            “You’re so unbelievably slow!” Eliana Flintix shouted at her brother as she ran through the forest carelessly. Despite there being no one around to try and kill them, Milintica still wanted them to be careful. A task that was easier said than done. Being a Flintix, their main element was fire, making it very difficult to practice on a terrain where a little ember could easily burn their entire forest down. To make matters worse, Eliana wasn’t really known for her quiet nature, in comparison to Milintica, Eliana was the exact opposite, she was the blistering sun in the middle of the day and Milintica was the sunset, not as boisterous and its light more muted. His younger sister’s shoulder length blonde hair trailed behind her as she ran faster and faster, trying to build up the adrenaline while they sprinted towards a clearing where there was nothing but dirt. No grass, or surrounding flora to attract attention to themselves.

            He groaned, sprinting after her. It wasn’t as if he was physically slower than she was, he had the build for someone who could easily snap someone’s neck and hide the body in under five seconds; he just wanted to take his time getting to the clearing today. Milintica just wanted to relax and take in the sights, to breathe the air that his lungs would be desperately craving once he was done sprinting after his sister-who he was fairly sure was going to get them killed. “Slow down, will you?!” he cried after her, willing his still sleeping muscles to move faster. They protested, but after a few seconds, he found himself moving quicker, her trail of blonde hair getting closer.

            Just as they were about to reach the clearing, he heard the sound of small animals scurrying away. “Eliana!” he called after her, forcing himself to go even faster than he was able to at the moment. He reached out and roughly grabbed her forearm, yanking her down. The second that she hit the floor, he dropped down beside her, resting his hand on her head to keep her from trying to move and roughly shoving her underneath some bushes. She shot him a bewildered and angry look before he pointed out the reason for doing so. “They’re looking for us.” He mouthed, slightly pushing back some leaves to get a better look at them.

            In the center of the clearing, there was a group of men, all wearing the Queen’s royal guard emblem on their shoulders. They were scanning the area, judging the tree trunks for scorch marks, the ground for any signs of footprints or scents that could tell them where they are. It was obvious that they hadn’t heard Milintica’s cries after his sister, nor were they aware that they were anywhere near the area. He firmly looped his arm around his sister’s waist, preparing to tug her away back to their cabin and reinforce their glamor around the area. “Let’s kill them.” Eliana breathed, already pushing herself up by her hands. Milintica shot her a look that said, “We’re outnumbered.” She simply rolled her eyes and whispered, “We can take them. C’mon, we’ll divvy up the workload.”

            “No.” he hissed, tightening his grip around his sister’s waist. As much as he would like to kill some oafs before they came back with more people and a higher chance of them being found and possibly killed, but being outnumbered meant that someone could escape and definitely come back to kill them both. Or drag them back to be publicly executed for Queen Lamia’s pleasure. Milintica wasn’t sure which one was worse. “We can come back in a bit if their still here, we have to make sure that no one found our house.” He commanded, trying to use what little authority he had over his sister. For the most part, she listened to whatever he told her, for the other part-this being one of those parts. He quickly glanced over at the Royal Guard, trying to make sense of what could have brought them here, they rarely ever came to the forest, unless Lamia issued her annual hunt.

            Milintica moved his arm ever so slightly and found that Eliana was no longer there. He cursed when his eyes darted over and saw that she was sneakily working her way over to the nearest knight.  “Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.” He snarled, pushing himself off the ground. Now, the adrenaline was pumping wildly through his system, he didn’t go for the sneaky approach like his younger sister, he cried out something unintelligible before flinging his arm forward like he was throwing a ball. A large flame erupted from his hand and shot out, slamming into the two unsuspecting knights, engulfing them in flames. Another knight slammed himself into Milintica’s stomach, all of the air rushing out of his lungs. He landed on the ground with a loud and painful thud.

            He was quickly pinned down, without thinking, he brought up his legs and slammed it into the knight’s ribcage, hearing a crack upon impact. “Payback.” He gasped, air rushing into his lungs. Milintica let out one final cough before he surged forward, tackling a knight to the ground and snapping his neck with ease. “Eli?” he shouted, trying to remember how many knights there were in the first place. Did he bother to count? “Eli?!” he shouted frantically.

            “I’m right here.” She grunted, dragging two dead knights along. One of their heads awkwardly lolled to the side, obviously a snapped neck, while the other one smelled like burnt dog, which, to Militinca’s distaste, had a large burning hole where his heart should have been. “You don’t have to worry about me so much, Mil. I know what I’m doing.” She tossed them on the pile of deceased that he had already started. “The other knight kind of didn’t have a corpse left.” She said sheepishly.

            Milintica rolled his eyes. “Always the tasteful one, aren’t you?” once all of them were haphazardly in a pile, he held his hand out and muttered something before all of them were set on fire. “Obviously, we need to work on your control.” He grumbled.

            “Well, not all of us can be as good at everything like you are.” Eliana grumbled. “Besides, if I hadn’t done that, he would have gotten away, then where would we be?” she quickly added, which only fueled to his annoyance.

            “If you had listened, we wouldn’t have to be burning corpses right now.” He snapped, trying to reign in his temper. Milintica rarely ever got mad at Eliana, he found that if he got mad, she’d pout and leave for a few days. They didn’t need to be separated, especially not right now.
            There was a moment of silence. “Do you think that Lamia’s starting the hunts back up?” Eliana questioned softly. A few years ago, Lamia decided to find them. It was obvious that eighteen years ago, they had escaped; but they figured that she would have assumed that some of the beasts from the forest would have gobbled them up, as they did everything else. A few years ago, she sent a series of hunters looking for them, sadly most of the never really found the two of them- the monsters were quick to find them and eat them, the ones that did ended up dying anyways.

            “No, I don’t think that she’s starting the hunts back up again-there’d be more.” Milintica began, trying to calculate everything. Normally, they’d stay away from places that seemed empty. A clearing like this would have been something that they would have shied from. “Lamia knows we’re alive.” He breathed shakily. “She’s always known.”

            He glanced at Eliana. Without waiting for the fire to go out, he gently pressed his hand against her shoulder blade and started to guide her back to their cabin. “We need to leave, don’t we?” she breathed the second they walked inside. Milintica silently checked the items that held in the glamour that they had set around the house. The tighter the glamour to the object being hidden, the harder it was to find. In reply to his sister’s question, he shook his head. Once he saw that all of the items were in place, he leaned against the kitchen counter. “I’ll make dinner, you make sure that your ribs are okay.” When he gave her a puzzled look, she rolled her eyes flippantly. “Please, your breathing has been all wonky since we burned the bodies.” She got up.

            She gave him a weak smile. “Fine, just don’t burn the house down.” He joked, forcing himself off of the counter, a small hiss left his lips. Milintica didn’t even realize that he was in pain until he let his mind catch up with his body. Eliana shot him a worried look. “Their skulls are getting thicker and thicker.” He told her lightly, forcing himself to move out of the kitchen and into the bathroom.

            Once inside, he carefully locked the door then turned the lights on. The lights weren’t as extravagant as the lights they would have inside the kingdom, they were little fairy lights-that we rather bright for what they were. Most of the things that they had now were stolen from the kingdom, or they were given to them from supporters. Very few supporters, well, vocal supporters. Milintica carefully peeled off his shirt, feeling his body protest as he lifted his arms above his head.

            A small hiss left his lips when he saw that he had a large bruise where the knight hit him. Definitely a bruised rib. There was a large purple splotch near his side. After probing it, he was happy that it was only a bruised rib-nothing broken. Milintica took a good look at the bruise while he was searching for a bandage-it was already healing-it was turning black. The bandage would at least help numb the pain while it healed overnight. When he finished wrapping the bandage around his body, he put his shirt back on, turned the fairy lights off and went back outside.

            The smell of steamed rice and curry filled his nostrils. “Where did we get this?” he questioned, sliding into a seat as he waited to be served. “I thought we ran out of rice yesterday.” He added, realizing that the table hadn’t been set. He quickly got up and set the table.

            “I thought so too, but I guess we had a second bag that we misplaced. Found it under the counter.” She answered, placing everything into a container. “Hey, Mil? Can we go into town tomorrow? Maybe we can find something about the knights from today.” She set everything down then took the seat across from him.

            He shook his head. “No, if we went right now, Lamia would be waiting for us, and we’d end up dead.” He answered, watching as a bit of annoyance flashed through Eliana’s face. “Look, I know that you’d rather do this your way, but we need to play this safe Eli.”

            “I don’t get it, you saw mom and dad die. You watched our family die, I almost died that night. How are you not bursting with anger? How do you not want to run into the castle and kill them all? We’re strong enough! We can take Lamia down and take the kingdom back!” Eliana argued, slamming her fist on the table. “We can avenge mom and dad.” It wasn’t as if he didn’t agree with her. He still had nightmares, at twenty-seven, he could still hear the screams, and he could vividly see everything. It was as if he was reliving the night sometimes. There were nights where he found himself sprinting into the kingdom while Eliana slept, only to realize that he was going to be martyring himself, for his own cause that he had no idea how to fix. His parents wouldn’t want that, they’d want them to hide, to prepare themselves, to have help.

            Milintica shook his head. “Mother and father wouldn’t have wanted that, you know that.” He said slowly, trying to calm himself. “Going out there would get us both killed. Look, we can go out into town the day after tomorrow-there will be more gossip. But I refused to get ourselves killed.” She scoffed, grabbing her food and standing up. The tears burned his eyes. He despised it when she did this, she didn’t understand what it meant when he said that they were all each other had left. She didn’t watch them die.

            “Do you want me to see you die too?!” he shouted after her. He took a deep breath in. Raising a child was difficult. He just expected that at this age, his child would be in diapers, would be crying. Milintica didn’t expect to be raising a child that was his own sister and raising her while he was a child himself. Eliana needed the night to relax, to take in why he was doing what he was doing. A sigh left his lips and he decided to clean up, all it a night. His rib would heal faster if he just went to bed.

            Thankfully, he slept dreamlessly.

            The next morning, to much of his dismay; Eliana’s bed was untouched and she wasn’t home. 

 A/N: Just thought you guys should know, but there is stuff like electricity and technology here, they just don't have the huge mansions, and the only public transportation would be ships, carriages, horses, and their own two feet. There's also magic, but these things will be explained more later! 

The End

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