After the Flintix family was brutally murdered, usurped from the throne, two survivors remain. For the past eighteen years, the two survivors have been hiding, waiting for the proper moment to reclaim the throne. For the past eighteen years, it has been quiet; there had been no more Flintix hunting. But when one instance warps the Flintixes images, changing them into something other than the heroes that they are supposed to be; what are they supposed to do? How are they suppose to reclaim the th

”Sh!” a young boy said to his infant sister as he ran through the moonlit forest. His knees were scrapped and bruised with blood still dripping down some of the larger cuts. On his face sat a large black eye that was still throbbing even though he could feel it slowly healing. He held in the tears as his younger sister wailed at the top of her lungs, wanting their mother.  “Eliana! Please be quiet!” he pleaded, trying to get his own heart to stop beating erratically. She continued to cry, however, the sound of her wails were easier to listen to than the screams he heard while escaping the castle. He feared blinking because he could see his mother scream at him to run as the door was broken down. His mother’s eyes were wide with fear, though he wasn’t sure if the fear was for her or them; the light left her eyes quickly by the time that he had seen them. His feet started to function the minute her limp body landed on the floor with a deafening thud.

            He’d been unable to stop running since that moment. Eliana began to cry the minute that the screams started, they were overwhelmingly loud. When he allowed himself to glance back, he found himself holding in his dinner, his home was engulfed in flames, his friends were running around panicked as their own bodies were slowly being eaten up by the fires. He blinked back the tears, trying not to imagine what his life was like a few hours ago-when everyone was happy and alive. If he let himself think about that, he could hear his cousin’s cries of dissatisfaction when they had lost their sword fighting competition. “Eliana,” he pleaded his voice thick. He was terrified of someone finding them, and it wasn’t as if the moon was helping, it was a full moon with giving the entire forest a silver and blue tint, while making him feel like he had a large spotlight directed at him. To make his paranoia worse, the forest didn’t exactly scream a very safe and warm ambiance. “Please be quiet, I need you to be quiet. Do it for mother.”

            After what seemed like such a long time of just running, he found himself unable to run anymore; he pressed his back against a tree trunk and slid down until he was securely sitting down. He began to hopelessly rock Eliana back and forth; he had no idea how to calm a one year old down! He was only nine! The most he should be doing is dangling a toy in front of her while she was in her crib, not trying to rock her to sleep in the middle of the woods with the smell of smoke and burning flesh choking him. He continued to rock her, trying not to cry as best as he possibly could. I have to be strong, he thought weakly. She won’t calm down unless I’m calm.

            When nothing was working, he started to hum softly-and rather off-key. It was a lullaby that his mother used to sing the both of them to sleep. It was a family tradition to pass it down from generation to generation, and it always worked, and shut them all up nicely. He continued to hum, trying to keep his tone level and not allowing any sobs to escape. Milintica tried not to picture his mother singing it to Eliana in the middle of the night when her wails would wake up the entire castle. He tried not to picture his mother’s beautiful red hair in disarray as she floated into Eliana’s bedroom. He also tried not to picture his father frantically running around because he had no idea how to handle infants despite Milintica being one before Eliana.

            He would not do that. He was going to calm down his sister and find a place to stay for the night. In the forest. Where he knew absolutely no one; he wasn’t even sure if people even lived in the forest anymore. He didn’t know his way around the forest, nor was he planning on staying near his home to see if anyone would find him. There had to be an abandoned house somewhere, a place where no one knew that it even existed. There had to be a place like that, right? Eliana finally calmed down, so he took this opportunity to rise to his feet.

            Before he was even able to finish taking a full step, someone roughly placed their hand on his face, shoving him to the side while yanking Eliana out of his arms. “Eliana!” he grunted, right after she opened her mouth and began to wail again. Instead of her mother this time, she wanted her brother. “You let her go!” he demanded, as someone pressed their boot against his temple. He let out a hiss of pain as he struggled against the man’s boot.
            “I think the queen would be pleased to know that we caught the last two remaining heirs of the Flintix family.” A gruff voice said as he dangled Eliana carelessly in front of him. “Do you think we should bring her back live bodies or corpses? The crying is getting on my nerves.” A malicious grin appeared on the man’s face and fury coursed through Milintica’s veins. He watched as the man’s teeth became dauntingly large fangs.

            “You touch one hair on her head and I will kill you!” Milintica snarled, sounding older than he actually was. He could not lose Eliana, he promised his mother. He swore that he’d take care of Eliana no matter what happened. “Let her go!” he pleaded, trying to push himself to his feet. He let out another cry when the man added pressure, Milintica’s hands curled into fists, picking up as much dirt as his hands were able to.

            Eliana’s wails seemed to drown everything else out. Milintica just wanted to go home, was that too much to ask? He wanted to run home with his sister in arms, find his mother and father and cry into their arms, telling them how frightening it was and how he was happy that the whole ordeal was over. He pounded his fist into the ground and raked his fingers into the dirt. His fingers curled into a tense fist as he tried to remember his father’s words, “When we are in danger, we must do what we can to protect those that we love. Now, what I'm going to show you is special, it belongs to our bloodline alone. We start by building up as much frustration and anger and sadness; then, we simply... let it all go." He squeezed his eyes shut and did just that. He gathered up all the hate, all the anger, all the hurt, and all the upset. He allowed himself to hear the screams, to see his mother drop to the floor dead, to see the flames licking up at the sky and the smoke floating around. He used all of that and released it all. Milintica felt a sudden surge of burning white hot energy.

            When he opened his eyes, he saw that everything around him was charred, with little flames slowly going out. Everything but Eliana of course. It was a clean circle, about a meter wide, He wrinkled his nose in disgust when the smell of burnt flesh wafted towards him. His eyes widened when he realized that there was no man pressing his boot against his temple; he shot up and ran towards Eliana, who was now on the ground, crying even louder than before. He picked her up, quickly checking her to make sure that she wasn’t injured; he then sprinted in a random direction, not wanting to see if anyone would find them.

            We’re far enough. He thought tiredly. He couldn’t even see the castle anymore; he sat down behind a large tree and started to rock her to sleep; though he wasn’t sure how she’d be able to since the two of them smelled of charred flesh and wood. She did fall asleep thankfully. “I’ll protect you.” He mumbled finally, allowing himself to sob softly. “Mother and father want me to protect you, and I will. I will Eliana. For momma and papa.” He quickly covered his mouth as some of the louder sobs escaped his mouth; he didn’t want to wake up Eliana. At least one of them should get some sleep tonight.

The End

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