Chapter Two: Destiny Foretold

     Rosalinda and Astrid were both asleep on the ragged couch in the living room. I snuck passed them, carefully tiptoeing to my bedroom. I eased the door shut, and sat down on my twin bed. Untying my apron and hanging it on the wall, I pulled out the black envelope the strange couple at the inn had given me.

"Alright...let's see what's on the inside." I said aloud, peeling away the skull sticker.

     A folded white paper fell out of the envelope, landing softly on my bed. I unfolded the paper, which had tons of writing and pictures on it. I began reading. "Greetings! Receiving this letter means we have noticed your potential and your special abilities as a weapon/meister. This is a special school called the Death Weapon Meister Academy. We teach and train students who either have the ability to become a weapon, or wield someone who is. Join us, in the never-ending battle against the forces of evil. Fill out the information sheet on the back, and mail this entire document back to the nearest DWMA division or hand it directly to your instructor. Happy Hunting! ~Lord DTK.". 

     I raised an eyebrow. Never in my life had I heard of something called a meister. Yes, I knew what a weapon was, but surely not in the sense these people were talking about. Turning over the paper, I began to examine the information sheet. I say that, but it actually looked like a really fancy application. I flipped the paper over, looking at the pictures that were printed next to the text. One must've been the school. A giant structure with black and red towers, and multiple giant candles. Setting the paper down, I got up to call my sisters to dinner.

"Rosalinda! Astrid! I'm gonna-" I was cut off by delirious screaming. I ran straight for the living room where my sisters were.

"B-Bi-Big brother, look!" Astrid whimpered, raising a shaky finger to point outside the window.

"Wh-What is that, Enzo...?" Rosalinda was hiding behind her twin sister.

     I brought my eyes to look out the window, a large, hunched over beast was standing in the middle of the town. He had a striped shirt on, with lengthy jagged claws. I quickly drew the curtains, scooping up my sisters and running for the hall closet. I cleared some room, placing the two inside. I stood looking down on them, as their blue eyes pierced my chocolate ones.

"Enzo! Where are you going?" Rosalinda wailed, trying to reach up for me.

"Y-Yeah, big brother!" Astrid added on, wiping her sniffly nose.

"To check on mom and dad. You two are to stay here, do NOT leave at any costs. No matter what you hear." I shut the closet door, bringing in a chair from the kitchen to place under the door knob.

     I exited my house, trying not to be seen by the creature. Looking around, I noticed these bubbly blue orbs floating a few feet in the air. I noticed shop windows broken, with blood on the glass. What in the world is happening here? I picked up the pace, seeing as the creature broke into a nearby house, giving me some time to run for the inn. I unlocked the door, quickly but quietly shutting it behind me. I ran upstairs, seeing as my mother wasn't on the first floor. 

"Enzo! Pst, Enzo! I'm in here!" I heard a woman whisper-yell. Opening a nearby room door, I found my mother boarding up the windows.

"Mom! What on earth is happening?!" I questioned, in need of answers.

"My son, this village has never seen something such as this in a long while. Go fetch your sisters. Go on!" She pushed me out of the room, without anymore as to what was going on.

     Screams came from the house that the monster had broken into. I ran straight for my house, ignoring whether or not it could see me. Just as I reached our yard, I felt a stabbing pain run across my side. Falling to the ground with a harsh thud I heard a throaty laugh from the monster. It's metal claws drug across the earth, leaving lines from where they had been. I turned my head, attempting to get a better look at it. 

"Ahh...Katsuro..." Was the name he called me. A long, pointed tongue fell forward from his mouth, licking his lips. Saliva dripped down, as he raised a clawed hand above my body.

"You get away from my big brother!" Astrid shrieked, knocking down the front door to our house. In fear, I closed my eyes in an attempt to block out what was happening.

     Shlink. A metallic sound cutting through a thick, fleshy medium was what I believe I heard. Opening my eyes, I saw the monster pulling a silver and black...battle ax out of his arm? Once he removed the weapon, he tossed it to the ground next to me. Bellowing angrily, he began to charge at Astrid. Forcing myself up despite the pain from my cut, I picked up the ax. Slinging it near his back, I made contact with his body. My weapon went clean through, causing his body to turn to black ribbons, all going into a floating bubbly orb like I saw earlier. Except this one, was red.

"Astrid! I thought I told you not to leave that hall closet! And where the HELL is your sister?!" I threw the ax down in a fit of anger, its metal clanking against our stone pathway.

"S-She's right t-there..." Astrid teared up, as result of me yelling. Instantly regretting my words, I took a look down at where she was pointing. 

"Quit speaking in tongue. Your sister can't possibly be a battle ax, Astrid." I picked her up, wiping away her tears.

"Enzo!" I heard a familiar voice call. It sounded like Rosalinda...but no...the tone was too techno sounding.

     I set Astrid down, taking a long glance at the ax still laying on the ground. Soon, it was turned into a white light which formed into Rosalinda. If my eyes could go any wider, they'd pop out of their sockets. I stood up, placing both my hands on my head. 

"What' did..." Unable to wrap my mind around what just happened, I sat down on a large stone in our yard.

"We knew you needed help, so we found courage." Rosalinda stretched, standing immediately next to her sister.

"C-Can Astrid do that too?" I looked at the twins, Rosalinda's ginger hair contrasting Astrid's dirty blonde.

"I'm not..." Our conversation was cut off by my parents rushing up to us.

"Astrid, Rosalinda, Vincenzo! Are you guys alright?" My father hugged all 3 of us, guiding us through the open pathway that used to be our front door.

     My mother was preparing dinner, as my sisters and I sat in our joint bedroom. They eventually got up to leave, closing the door behind them. I pulled a pen off my nightstand, picking up the DWMA letter. Flipping it over to the information sheet on the back, I began filling out the information. Name: Vincenzo Del Monaco. Age: 17. Classification: unknown. Gender: Male. The rest was basic interests and previous occupations, so I wrote in the information, folded the paper back up, and placed it in the black envelope.

*Time Skip*

     I awoke later than I normally did, opening my eyes to find my sisters asleep in the bed across from mine. I rolled out from under my covers, taking my apron off its hook. Waltzing groggily into the front portion of my house, I noticed a tarp hanging in place of a front door. A note flapped in the wind next to it, poked through a nail in the frame.

"Dear Vincenzo, please stay at home with your sisters. Without a front door I think it's best for you to be there to guard them. Love, mom." I read aloud to myself, and smiled slightly. Tossing my apron down on the table, that black envelope slides out and drifts onto the floor.

     I bend down to pick it up, and are almost terrified into screaming when met with the woman who was standing in front of me. 

"M-Miss Takara. You scared me." I put a hand over my chest, letting a breath out.

"Vincenzo, there's no need to fill out that letter." Yuriko spoke, a smile causing her lips to part.

"You've got to be kidding me." I flicked the envelope up so she could see it.

"We heard what happened yesterday, with the Kishin monster attacking your village." She wicked the envelope from my hand.

"You're speaking in tongues, Miss Yuriko. I don't know what a Kishin is." I turned my back, walking further into the kitchen.

"Your sisters are weapons, legendary battle axes known as the Del Monaco sisters. There's also something within you we are quite interested in..." The blue haired woman walked over to me, resting her arm on the counter.

"I-I can't j-just leave my parents, Miss." I looked down at the ground, my eyes dreary.

     The next few moments passed by with eerie silence. Soon, another body joined us. Erico walked through the tarp that was supposed to act as a front door. Mother and father would be furious if they saw guests over with the house like this. I turned to them both, pursing my lips.

"Your mother and father would be taken care of, Mr. Enzo." Erico gave a reassuring smile, which earned a thoughtful glance from Yuriko.

"So, Vincenzo. Will you take up the offer?" Her voice seemed to change tones, and I found myself unable to deny.

"Yes. I'll join the DWMA." I made my hands into fists, unaware of what I had gotten myself into.


The End

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