Born For Purpose

When the world is in need, normally someone rises to the occasion.
What does the world do when there is no one meant for the occasion?
What if you are born just for the occasion?
This is a fictional tale of how humanity can't fix the destruction that has been wrought. Instead, there must be mending done by another...


Davien felt a force clutch at his shoulder, gently stirring him from what felt to be a long lingering sleep. Eyelids squinted against the dim light of the cavern, as a newborn child's eyes would stutter against light upon the first few hours of birth. His blurred vision fought to gain self-control. Before he could see, he felt. Felt the lack of warmth, the deep cold that threatened to settle into his soul. Like a flame suffocating in the melted candle wax, so did the adolescent feel about his surroundings. Sleep became wasted against the back of his rubbing hands. A yawn fell through, so long and drawn out that his jaw felt sore afterward.

"Rise." A somber voice bade, clear and recognizable as male. Obediently, Davien came to his feet and sauntered a few steps forward.

"Speak your name..." The voice came again commanding.

"Davien." He spoke naturally, although he did not fully realize that Davien was his taken name. Sparks sprang from the wall in falling curtains, created by the strikes of a stone or metal. Then flames ballooned from a torch freshly given life.

Instinctively, Davien stepped back from the creature before him. A decrepit, yet immensely large, bear stood on his hind legs, black hair short but giving way to the gray streaks of age. "Be at ease, human...Speak what part do you hail from."

The question was so vague, but yet again his answer spewed like a computer automatically pushing out data from information, "Environmentalist." Davien's response came.

The bear dropped onto all four appendages with the torch in his maw, looking like a fat cigar in his mouth, and looked over Davien, analyzing the human in simple thought before commenting, "No wonder you're so late."

"Come with me. There's much to tell you of before you take your leave." Davien glanced around as if to weigh his options and within seconds realized that those options were next to none. Sighing at the futility of his situation, Davien relented by following.

Any further thoughts of his were interrupted by the bear continuing with his odd accent and gruff voice, "For ages beyond memories, there has always been an embodiment of every race. A representative, if you would, of each race of existence on this planet. Myself, and those like me, gained life to be sustained as long as our race lived. We gain insight on the occurrences of our brothers and sisters in blood. And we get to watch each one die.." The bear, having paused in stride on the last sentence, stopped to gauge the other's reaction.

All Davien could show was confusion coupled with a lack of belief; this reflected in his words, "Assuming I believe your tall tale, what is the point of bringing me in a cave and telling me all this?"

The bear, whose name was that of his race, shook his head in disappointment causing pieces of ash to fly about and kept walking. After a few minutes of traveling in silence, the stone to the left opened up into a low cramped den that branched away from the main corridor. Davien ducked below the sudden drop and followed the bear barely inches away before he ran face first into the animal's rump.

Ignoring the insolence of the other, the bear growled a quick command, "Come around the side, Davien." Obeying, Davien brushed against the bear, attempting to avoid the cold, hard wall against his back. He stopped just beside the head of Bear, gaping at the sight before him.

There were bodies of creatures that he could only imagine, and some that he recognized. The Centaur, Gryphon, Minotaur, Mermaid...They were all sprawled out before him in various poses. This was the greatest, most triumphant collection for a taxidermist. They were the oldest and last of each of their races.

"Are they dead?" Davien inquired, abhorred by the sight.

"No, but they may as well be. They are the last of their races, eliminated by your your race. Do you understand now?" Bear spat, the torch descending onto the ground.

"I'm sorry..." Was all that Davien could say. Now, he knew what had to be done. He had to turn back the contemptuous ways of humanity. Steer them toward a lifestyle that preserved what diversity of life mother earth had left. Davien had to stop the extinction.

The End

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