Picking up her suitcase, Katrina let out a breath.

Today, was her final day living with Barry. She was now on her way to Rome. Her mother lived there so it was easy to leave.

She pushed down on the handle and opened the door. Fresh air swept through her and through the house in a gentle bereeze that made her feel refreshed and ready to get to work on her new life. The divorce papers were signed and Barry was content. Everything is going to work out, she thought as she walked out the door.

The sun was shining but there was still some clouds.

Katrina walked to the taxi with a confident stride. She flicked her hair as she walked. It may have just been a few paces from the front door but the taxi was the path to her new life and, in her opinion, held a destiny. The taxicab was a small, green ford fiesta.

It smelt of onions and had a strange amount of nodding-head dogs.

The End

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