Boredom Becomes Her

Sighing, Katrina placed the teapot onto the tray. She studied the trays pattern of flowers and leaves and for a while, felt lost in her imagination. Running through a forest of these leaves and flowers seemed ideal but was not possible. For she, a meer human with no powers of teleportation could perform a trick and escape her dull, unfulfilling life.

"Honey? Are you in?" A gruff voice shouted from the hallway. Coming out of her trance, she realised that voice, was the voice of her husband. The reason her life was so dull was standing in the hallway, taking off his coat. She let out a breath and decided to answer his call.

"Yes, I'm in, in the kitchen to be precise." She shouted, keeping the same tone throughout.

He trundeled into the kitchen and heaved his round body onto the chair across from her. He looked her up and down and saw she had her ex-boyfriends jumper on. That made his blood simmer. Her ex-boyfriend almost stole Kat off of him, why was she wearing his jumper?.

"Kat, why are you wearing that jumper?"

Kat looked at him with a blank expression.

"I wear it when I clean up the house, did you not know that?"

That was a lie, Kat hasn't worn the jumper since she was with Steve. She just wore it for the fun, to see if The Lump would show some emotion and get angry. "Please," She thought, "Get mad!"

"No, I didn't know that actually, I mean, I am at work when you clean." The Lump eyed her some more.

Kat started to tap her fingers on the tray, now she was getting mad. He hated Kevin, why can't he show some hatred now?.

Kat got up off her chair and felt his eyes burn into her. She took a deep breath and let it out through her mouth. The Lump heard her and asked what was wrong. Kat almost thumped him with the teapot. She sat back down, clasped her hands and placed them in her lap. She cocked her head slightly to the left and gave him the death stare.

"Kat, what's wrong with you these days?"  The Lump sounded concerned, she decided not to stay quiet for long. She stared at him in silence for thirty more seconds and opened her mouth.

"What is wrong you ask? I'll tell you what is wrong." She paused for dramatic effect. "YOU! That is what is wrong!!"

He looked shocked and hurt with her answer. Another question popped into his head.

"How am I... wrong?"

Kat pursed her lips and bit the one on the bottom. She explained that he was boring, how he never showed any emotion till a second ago and that she was frustrated with boredom.

"You go out at night while I have to stay in and do NOTHING!" The anger that lay dormant inside of her for years erupted through her mouth. "You also have a job! I don't, I just stay at home!"

The Lump looked like he had been slapped.

"Barry," She said softly, "It's been a three years since we made love. Doesn't that tell you something?"

Barry was far too stunned to say anything.

Kat felt better after venting her anger. She felt relieved how he finally knew how she felt. She felt happy that he finally showed emotion.

She felt she had been released from boredom.

The End

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