I stepped into the train and sat in a corner. There weren’t too much passengers, but there were enough to keep me interested.

I sneezed as some hair flew by my face. The lady beside me did no seem to see the need of tying her hair to prevent it from flying as the wind blows by her. I understand why she could not see that need. She’s the only one who has her hair flying despite the closed and air-conditioned train.

A geeky guy just stepped into the train. He looked nerdy and he obviously had a lot on his mind. Anyone can see that. His thoughts were written on thin air; the followed him as he stood beside a pole. Too bad I cannot understand Japanese characters.

The noise of an argument caught my attention. It was a lady and her shadow. They were on about visiting an aunt. It wasn’t necessary. The lady could have just went on with the visit, her shadow would not have a choice. I wish they would shut up.

The train reached my station and I picked my stuff up. I looked back and saw a bunch of dreary passengers. Boredom.

The End

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