Episode 1

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the beach ...

Boredchurch 2.0 – the return

I Ext day

THE DOCTOR (can’t remember his character’s name): I hate to say it but I think there is only one solution.

GWEN: you mean … take off and nuke the site from orbit?

THE DOCTOR: that isn’t what I meant but now you mention it.

GWEN: well, what did you mean, clever dick?

THE DOCTOR: now you mention it, that is what I meant.

GWEN: I’m so glad we agree on something.

II Boredchurch Community Hall.

A large sign has gone up in the window: JE SUIS ANASTASIA. Along with a smaller one, CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE and an even smaller one, THIS IS NOT THE FURTHER NOTICE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

The End

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