I was sat there at my computer sat staring at the screen which had up Headbook and I see a advertisment for a site for people who like to write. So naturally being bored I decide to take a look plus I like to write and had just recently started writing a little story. This little story was the reason I was bored I had just broke down in writers block and waiting for the recovery van to turn up with my curtosy train of thought. Anyway i clicked away at the little advertisement which lead me onto this site i had a little look around and came across a story i was enthralled with so i went to post a comment saying how much i enjoyed it but of course you got to join so i did.

I set up my profile adding my picture and adding a little information about myself and what i like to read. Then i went back to that story and posted my comment, then i went around saying hello to all who were online. After that i posted up my story so far and i got praise as well as advice on inprovment which was much appreciated as you can only learn from your mistakes.

After that i read more stories which inspired me causing that recovery van to turn up and fix my train of thought by the road side. I was able to write more pages and fix my others even adding to the previous to make it more descriptive.

I made more friends and read more stories forever being amazed at the brilliant stories people were writing. I started writing all the time wherever i was in a little note book even somtimes poems, I am now never as bored because i that site opend up my imagination causing me to take inspiration out of even the simplest of things around me.

I am no longer bored <3

The End

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