Bordering The Sublime

The story of Ryo Hazuki... As the story develops, I'll add to this summary...
note. Although I've used names from the classic game 'Shenmue', I have simply borrowed the names, and no references between my work and the game should be made.

A cool breeze caressed the side of  Ryo's face as he propelled himself from his doorstep out into the open.  He ignored his routine cries of "good morning!" and "bubye" and instead focussed all of his energy into running; because today was important.

Gathering speed, he pumped his legs as he kept the rest of his body perfectly still, careful not to waste momentum.  If Ryo had learnt one thing in all of his martial upbringing, it was that no energy should be wasted on trivial movements such as moving his arms, bobbing his head, or succumbing to various other temptations. So as he darted through the surrounding greenery, he was careful not to let the beauty of his environment distract him - he could simply not afford to be late.

Ryo had been brought up in particularly beautiful surroundings. With his father having been an ex-military man and his mother a famous poet and wushu legend, it was hardly a surprise that the family home was half way up a small mountain.  The carefully tended wilderness engulfed the very soul of the area, leaving its history to the power of the imagination of those who chose to contemplate it. In fact, being mid April as it was, the Sakura trees were in full bloom, and their carefully crafted pink petals seemed to give a certain indescribable sublimity to all that they touched. Onlookers gazing in from the outside would often comment on the hypnotic waving of the trees and their petals, the ever so slight wind on the plateaued retreat adding a sense of eternal bliss.  Beyond the sight of the untrained eye of the all too common passer-by though, lay the family dojo.

Few had had the privilege to ever venture inside its sacred walls, but those that were allowed rarely let opportunity slip - for the art taught in the Hazuki dojo was that of legends.  Ryo's father had achieved the highest degree of excellence in all the traditional Japanese sparring arts - jujutsu, karate, and kendo - and somewhat similarly, his mother's ability in all styles of kung-fu was second to none.  When the two lovers decided to share their exploits, the Hazuki fighting system was born, and it, just like them, was bordering perfection. It seemed odd to Ryo though, that they should disappear into nothingness on the eve of the tweflth year of his existence... Raised by his father's closest friend and favourite student, he did not consider himself "abandoned" or "betrayed" - simply confused.

So as he bolted past the dojo and out of their residence, he was sure to pay his silent respects to the memory of his parents that stood firm within his mind, an image of the two of them in deep, low stances whilst practicing various techniques temporarily penetrating his mind... 

Flying over the gate and onto the road Ryo increased his pace - laziness would not prevent him from arriving on time.  But something troubled him.  Out of the corner of his eye, a flash of darkness - an intricate movement - a failed attempt at stealth grabbed his attention. He came to a halt, and breathed deeply.

"Let's get this over with already".

The End

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