I stood in the doorway of the farmhouse we now shared with another family from further along the border, both of us being unable to afford our own farm as of yet, reflecting on the journey that had brought us here, on all who had been kind enough to assist us.

Mary had packed us off with full bags of clothes and food she had managed to round up from the neighbors. She, a perfect stranger, had proven to be a dear friend in our time of need, and though I wrote to her often I still missed her. 

Jon to, had provided much assistance. It was he who had found this other family for us, and had suggested we share with them, for the time being. And it was he who had arranged accommodation in some of the towns along the way. It had taken us several days travelling to reach this new farm, and though friends of ours had been able to put us up some nights, we would have been on our own during others if he hadn't found kind people like the Elliot's, or the MacKenzie's to house us for the night.

My eyes sought out my children, who were playing with the children of the Johnson's, who shared this house with us. It brought a smile to my face to see Lucy laughing as she ran about the yard. Dominic still watched over her carefully, but even he was relaxing his guard, willing to accept that here, in this farm so far away from the border, we could finally be safe.

Nightmares still plagued me, and I often awoke terrified in the night, sure I was back there with the house burning around me. But Lukas was always there to soothe me, and convince me it was just a dream. A recruitment drive for soldiers had begun recently, and I knew one day I may be forced by our country to let him go, but for now he stays. He has promised me that short of being drafted nothing will take him away from me, I need him too much to let him go.

I can see him now, striding across the fields, laughing with Peter Johnson as they come back from their work. My heart lifts as I see him, and I can see the grin on his face when he spots me. That raid destroyed so much, it destroyed our house, our belongings, and our pets. But there was one thing it couldn't destroy, and that was our family. 

The End

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