Alive and WellMature

Harry and I continued our search after leaving the tavern with a renewed sense of hope. Though I still had doubts about my family's well being, having help from one of the army carriers increased our chances of success many times over. And, from what little I knew of Jon, that fact was even more prominent. If anyone could find them, Jon was on the short list of possibilities. 

"It would have been nice to know what direction Jon was heading," Harry commented a few days later.

"Yeah," I agreed. "We could have met up with him after a while. Jon doesn't stay in one place long, so we are bound to run into him again. Sooner or later? Anyone's guess."

We stopped in the next town to let the horses rest and see if we could discover any new information. A fellow drinking at the local tavern had an interesting bit of information.

"I heard another farm was hit," he said, taking a sip of his honey beer. Harry and I ordered some of the same, which was always an adventure in itself since most taverns made their own beer locally.

After taking a sip of my honey beer and wincing slightly at the strong taste, I asked, "Where did you hear that?"

"An army carrier was in here about an hour ago," he replied, slurring his words slightly. "With a second farm being hit, that means Handrin needs to be taught a lesson."

I agreed with him. If Handrin was making a move for Ibera, it was time we did something about it. However, I knew that this poor chap was not going to be teaching anyone a lesson anytime soon, unless it had to do with the finer points of being drunk.

"Thank you, my friend," I said and drank the rest of my mug. "Do you know which way this man went?"

Pointing a shaky finger toward the exit, the drunk replied, "That way, of course." Harry and I could barely contain ourselves, almost laughing in this man's face. We waited until we were out of the tavern, though.

"How many of those has he had?" Harry asked in between laughs.

"I think he's lost count," I replied. "Let's see if anyone else knows about this carrier. Could have been Jon, after all."

"Easily could have been one of the others as well," Harry added.

"True," I conceded. "However, let's assume positively, shall we?"

Just then it became obvious that the drunk's sense of timing was off, for we saw Jon walk out of the butcher's shop. I called out to him, and when he caught sight of us, he started waving one hand wildly.

"Your family is alive and well," he yelled. "I will take you to them."

The End

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