A long recovery process.Mature

I spent the next few days drifting in and out of consciousness as the woman treated to my burns. Sometimes when I awoke my children were there, Dominic looking overly tired and Lucy with small burns, but both alive and clearly worried about me. They kept asking when we could go home again, and I didn't know how to tell them that we might not have a home to go to. 

Over time I did get to learn about the mystery woman who treated us. Her name was Mary, and she was the daughter of a doctor from town. As a result she had some medical training, and against her father's wishes, had eloped and moved to the border in order to be of the most assistance in what was to come. From what I could gather her husband was a soldier overseeing the building of the new border camp. She refused to divulge just what she meant by what was to come, but I soon began to suspect the army had plans beyond a simple border camp. 

It turned out her husband had been the man to bring us to her, with the assistance of other soldiers. He had been on patrol of the area, and seen the fire. He had been too late to catch the me he had witnessed riding away from our farm, bags ladened with our belongings, but he had been able to bring us here, a fact that may have saved my life. 

My voice seemed to have vanished in the fire, and for days I was only able to manage a weak rasp, words barely distinguishable. As my hands had suffered burns there was no way I could hold a pen, and so I was not able to tell our hostess my husband's name, where he was or that he needed to be contacted. I worried that he thought I may have died in the fire. It would break his heart to believe myself and the children were gone from this world. 

I was growing more and more distressed by the thought that my husband might think I was dead. After all, I was not in the care of one of neighbors, who my husband would turn to in seeking me. Rather I was being cared for by a stranger to our area, a newcomer with very little connection so to the people who knew me. 

However Mary seemed to sense the cause of my distress. One morning she told me that her husband would come to visit the next day, to check on the safety of those he rescued. Once he knew my name or, failing that, the children's names, he would be able to search for my husband. I would have to be patient, and trust her husband. She seemed sure that he would be able to find my husband once he began looking, even without knowing who he was. 

It seemed all I could do for now was wait. Wait for my body to heal and for my dear Lukas to find me, because it was clear in my state that I would not be going anywhere for some days yet. It was looking like I was in for a long recovery process.

The End

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