He sprung, striking out, His sword a blur, he lands on a robot, which is now spiting sparks and leaps. Flashing between them, a black shadow. A black shadow, with a silver blade. Trying to escape, he can't.  The first one explodes; he is now standing on air. He falls. 

The boy on the overlooking cliffs sighs, maybe a new one will, come, he settles back down again.

The robots are leaving, but not for long. A blue light spills out of the ground, blasting up into the sky, and with it comes the man, back again. On his way up, he spins around, and flings his sword up, cutting one in midair. It twirls, then shifts as if hit by an invisible force. The man grabs the sword, still glowing and shimmers, he hits one robot, it splits in two, and he flips over another, bringing his sword down in an arc. Slicing it along its seam, making wires spill out. He lands on the platform, bringing his sword into a two hand guard and he said in a calm voice.

"If you want to die like soldiers, fight like soldiers, if you want to die like cowards then run, you will die all the same."

And he flickers, Taking advantage of their momentary distraction. He is gone. To their limited sight anyway. They just float there, and then they implode, spiralling, into a blue portal. Into it the boy sees an identical canyon. Even another him, but as quickly as he saw it, it vanished.

The boy on the cliffs lowered his binoculars, to see the man in front of him. He scrambles to his feat, to see that the man is around his height, 5.7 he smiles at hem and folds gracefully to the ground, landing with a thump. Out cold. 

The End

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