Border Lands

a story that came to my head when watchin final fantasy 7, advent childer, i expanded it from there, it looked good in my head but wont come out that good, probably

Their is a canyon, its a large afair with sandstone pilars sticking up from the ground, some so thick you could park a car in them. There is a burst of dust in the distance, like the things you see when people are running on sand, but much larger, with it comes the white noise of a robot powereing up in a hurry, along with the sound of laughing.

A man is coming down the canyon, not even bothering to look ahead, He can’t, blindness is what he has had to live with, but he is used to it, To tell you the truth, he is not blind, he just cannot see, the difference is one that most people don’t get. He is running fas, fast enough to stay ahead of the robots, old things, rust red, screaming in their strange way, The man just laughs, He is medium height, thin, fair skinned, with blond hair, his eyes, a  dark green in former life are a pale shade, almost ghostly.

The boy lowers his binoculars, he had been watching this from the above end of the canyon, and he raises the binoculars again. The boy looks ahead to see what will happen when he gets to the end, He can tell he won’t though, For a start there is a giant gap the size of his street, about 100 houses long, he can’t get over that, and even if he did then there is a giant arena further on, he has seen what will happen next many times, the person will fall, get hauled out, get taken to the arena and then slaughtered. He lowers the binoculars, but then puts them back up again.

The man had Jumped, hit a pillar, and then, miraculusly, Jumped to the next and continued on. He continued to stare as he did this halfway, there was an island there, covered in sand. He hit it, landing me a kneeling position, and drew his sword turning to face the robots, a smile on his face. All this while he had a rag of cloth across his eyes, all this time he was blind.

The End

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