Booty Had Me Like..Mature

This is a story of how thirsty boiz can be.

First stanza is inspired by those girls that look right from behind but like a fright from the front. Second is inspired by a fellow classmate(you know who it is ;) ). Third is inspired by a girl from a boba shop close to school. Fourth is the awkward moment when you're accidentally miring at another guy's ass(semi homo).

I was walking down the street,

Then I got a glance at Ms. Booty,

Butterface, hips like Shakira, and crusty ass feet,

She was beat and nasty, but had me doing a 180,

Booty had me like...

Stepped into class to learn some Psychology,

Turned right to the aisle to see Ms. Booty jiggling,

Thought about some National Geographic shit-Biology,

Felt something start wiggling(Pause),

Booty had me like...

Opened the door to get some boba,

Met a little pretty Ms. to take an order,

She turned, ass like Pepsi, had me fizzing like soda,

But she was too young. Illegal. But I'd cross the border.

Booty had me like...

Stood in line for a movie,

Looked down to see an ass show,

Throwback to the 80's, had me going groovy,

Turned around and it was a dude. Was like 'Fuck Me.'

Booty had me like...

The End

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