World's Greatest Thief Part 1Mature

It was dark, so dark nothing could be seen except the dew glistening off the brick walls under the dimmed light of the new moon. I waited patiently in the alley, crouched behind the bin. I had learned many things training in martial arts, but being able to crouch for a whole day was by far the most useful. I waited patiently as the moon moved behind the long wispy cloud and all was cast into a haze of black.

The couple were talking quietly to themselves. The guy pulled the girl into the alleyway. I could just about make out their shapes. He kissed her and she giggled as she fell backwards into the wall.

"Ow, not so rough," but his kiss got more passionate. All to soon his belt was unbuckled as he tried to take off her top.

"Jimmy no, not here..."

So Jimmy was his name of choice now.

"Oh darling, you don't get a say. When I want you, I have you."

"Go $&!* yourself, get off me now!" 

He clamped his hand over her mouth and slammed her head against the wall. No doubt she was too dazed to put up any fight. 

The buckle was already loosed and so to was the kunai on its chain, sailing through the air like a veteran in a storm. It pierced his leg. With one yank he tripped up and was quickly sliding towards me. Meanwhile the girl slumped on the ground. She barely had time to register what was happening before unconsciousness took her.

Jimmys yelps were loud as his leg bled profusely, the torn flesh and shattered bone looked truly vile.

I stomped my foot on his mouth, hopefully that would shut him up for a second.

"Hey Jimmy, you've been quiet recently." I moved my foot.

"I, don't know what you mean," I yanked the kunai from his leg. His scream was terrible but cut off by my shoe again. His eyes bulged and his pupils slid into his sockets.

"You know I want the key. Give it to me with minimal--" As I removed my foot he interrupted.

"You think I carry it around with me?" His voice was weak, no doubt he was sweating, probably crying a little too.

"Yes, you darn't leave it at home, knowing I could get to it," I bent low over him, looking him square in the eyes. He recoiled slightly, fighting to maintain consciousness.

"I--" his mind seemed to sway, I punched him in the nose to keep him awake, blood splattering on my glove, "argh.. its hidden.. away.. church.. gone," this time he was gone, no amount of rough handling would wake him up, his body was probably in shock.

I turned, leapt up onto a narrow windowsill, barely swaying. Fumbling for the next handhold, I made quick progress onto the roof. Once I caught my breath I looked over the cityscape. In the distance, the church stood. It was only faintly lit up, revealing the ugly gashes and warn stone. It was a truly horrific little place. Nothing holy about it. Though it was a "last bastion of goodness" even the priests were corrupt.


The gap between this building and the next was vast but there was a stone ornament jutting out from it. I let myself fall and shot out the kunai. It slipped over the rock, reached it's limit and fell, swirling around the ornament and catching between the links. I felt the painful jerk on my arm as my trajectory was changed. I swung down, then up until the momentum was lost and I fell harshly on the ornament. It was never quite as easy as it looked in the comic books. 

The next buildings were connected. I leapt over the wall and onto the slanted roof. With only a little difficulty, I ran across the slate until the end, allowing myself to slip down. Before I could fall off, my hands caught the gutter. It was cold to the touch but my gloves protected me. I slid down and vaulted over the garden wall. It was an empty street I landed into. Or so it seemed.

Police officers were commonplace now, especially after dark, which made my job much more difficult. And yet they only added to the pumping adrenaline that was coursing through me right now. I savoured the spark that ran through me, kept me on my toes. A low mumbling voice could be heard coming round the corner. I flattened myself against the porch of the house and waited. My heart pulsed like the beat of a club. The shadow from the flickering lightbulb was my strobe light, and slowly the shadow came closer and closer. I curled my fingers in anticipation. Behind my mask a small smile played.

How I loved this game.

The End

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